1st Blog Post…Ever


Ello misfits. My name is Melissa Wong coming to you from the bangin’ Bay Area. As time never seems to slow, I’ve always wanted a platform to write my thoughts and daily activities as a kind of memoir or diary. Although I do not believe my life is any bit exciting, I really hope you enjoy the constant struggles and wonders of this silly little realm we call reality.

Gold Opium was contrived, after much thought, to what I believed was my calling. As a marketing student (now graduate) and an obvious advocate for the importance self-expression, I wanted to create a name that was a reflection of my most inner soul. “Gold” is symbolic of my name “Gum Lan”, which translates in Cantonese as Golden Orchid, as well as it being the most valuable element on Earth. “Opium”, also known as poppy tears, come from the magnificent poppy plant, but is more popularly regarded opioids or drugs. While “Gold Opium” can be interpreted in many ways, my way of seeing it is that two very valuable elements, self (gold) and the temptations and distractions of what society sells to you (opium), are what you will constantly be battling with your entire life. It is until you can embrace both, will you find a balance. My balance is finding myself through the self-expression of fashion. I hope you enjoy!