LOVE WON! (Day 8 & 9)

It’s the weekend!

27 June 2015

On this day, love won (in America at least). Such a great feeling to know that the politicians up on Capitol Hill got it right for once. I wish I could be in the states to enjoy this miraculous time and although pride was today, I sadly was at work. Today at work I actually met the CEO, Andrea, who taught me a lot about her business and her story. It is very refreshing to meet a European CEO and to understand her perspective about business, politics, and life. She is truly an inspiring woman, and I love listening to her and learning from her. It is also nice to finally work under a CEO that cares for their employees and does not belittle you or talk down to you just because of her title. If anything she wants to help and works collectively with her employees as a team, rather than a dictatorship (much like the disgusting practices of the states).

After work, I met up with my lovely flatmates and we went on a little adventure around Buckingham Palace and South Bank and stuff. We took some cute pictures and just had a good time. It sort of sucks having work on a Saturday, but I guess I have to make the best of it.

Some photos from today


Just a nice day to be at Buckingham Palace

DSC_1224 DSC_1225

Had to take one of these pictures [:

11050282_1153003221382437_772352866263020004_n 11666071_1153001088049317_7359890587768603664_n

My awesome flatmates – Drea, Carly, Medina (Carly had a little too much fun with the selfie stick)

28 June 2015

Today was my first day off since Monday! Yay! So me, Drea, and Carly decided to go to this Hackney Flea Market, a vintage flea market that they have every last weekend of the month (just like Treasure Island Flea Market back home). So I decided to navigate us there (cos I apparently know where I’m going) except I got us lost and brought to the wrong street all the way on the other side of town….great. We decided that Carly be our navigator for the rest of the time LOL. So she got us to the flea market no problem, we also met up with Drea’s bf.

When we got to the venue where the flea market would be, it was so adorable. The vintage here is actually vintage, and there’s a shit ton of it. Carly and I’s eyes lit up like little children (we seriously act like children but it’s okay because we appreciate things like little kids appreciate things!) and we spent literally like an hour in there going around twice. This building was little, but it was jam packed with a lot of cute items. I was not even in the building for more than 5 minutes before I already bought a vintage jacket (the lady sold me when she told me she would give me five pounds off the jacket, damn these sales people are so good). Drea and her bf ended up going someplace else, so it was just me and Carly.

Here are some pictures from the flea market:

After spending an hour there we went to a creep cemetery across the street. It was around 300 years old I think? It was now a park that was really overgrown and not up kept at all. There were lots of little trails and different avenues to walk through. It was very erie and a bit creepy. We saw one man carrying his dog and when he passed us he said “he must have been spooked or something” (talking about the dog). That didn’t make us feel any better. As we kept walking we also saw possibly homeless people or just weird old British people who were sitting by the fire that they made (weirddddddd). We were getting creeped out so we left and made our way to Brick Lane.

By this time it was around 5ish, we had spend most of our time traveling. We went into a few different vintage stores (which btw are fucking SOOOO dope, I wish we had as many vintage stores here, but the only problem is that they’re a bit pricey, which tends to happen for vintage clothes). We walked into a market of some sort and there was a shit ton of food from around the world. Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailand, Moroccan, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, everything! And they were closing so they wanted to get rid of their food and all their food was discounted, and they gave you a lot of it! Me and Carly stuffed our faces and proceeded to try to walk around Brick Lane but realized everything was closing since it’s a Sunday.

Ahhh, we had such a nice day. It is really nice to also be around someone that appreciates all the little things that I appreciate and that loves to just walk around and sightsee and just take everything in. Today was a good day off [:

Pictures Pictures (in order of the day) –

Hackney Flea Market



Freaky taxidermy stuff (why would you kill a baby chick tho)


Creepy Cemetery

DSC_1235 DSC_123211699069_10204589525324187_2718524556456626071_o

Should I be smiling in a picture like this?


That’s more like it

Brick Lane and Shoreditch Area –

DSC_1245 DSC_1246DSC_1244


DSC_1249 11700870_10204589529844300_1858217331486645930_o

DSC_1254 DSC_1253 DSC_1250


Flowah Powah, Baby! Ohhh yeahhhh (in Austin Power voice) – Day 5

24 June 2015

So, today I woke up frustrated and exhausted from the night before. I spent at least 2 hours trying to fall asleep, and mind you I went to bed at 2am because I was Skyping my brother on the other side of the country (he’s in Sydney, Australia right now studying abroad). I then made my way to my internship, exhausted and in a daze. Charlotte had me re-merchandise the window display and the cabinet, which was fun because I love merchandising. After she asked me if I could take a few garments to the tailor (they have a whole list of people who do their alterations, fabrics, and other sewing things). I put the address in my CityMapper and off I went.

Traveling the Tube and public transportation is pretty fun for me, however today I was way too tired to focus (which I should be doing since I’m in a completely foreign area and I need to be alert to know where to go). I almost fell asleep in the Tube multiple times, which can be very deadly because I can miss my stop. I got off at the specified station and started walking in the direction I thought the tailor was. After walking for about 15 minutes I realized I walked in the wrong direction, and walked all the way back. Mind you, it is really hot and humid today and I’m wearing a long-sleeved chiffon blouse (which isn’t breathable material), thick leggings, and flats (my poor feet were killing me). When I finally got to the place that the directions said, I looked for the building that Charlotte described but I couldn’t find it. Finally I called her and she told me that I was at the wrong place and to go back to near my living space since that’s where the tailor was. So, I hopped back onto the Tube, walked for about 20 minutes and finally reached the tailor (2 hours later).

When I finally got back to Number 35 (this was now about 3 hours later after all the redirections I had to take) Charlotte immediately handed me more things to take to another tailor on the opposite side of town out of zone 3 (my Oyster Card only goes to Zone 1 and 2). So I had to take more buses and Tubes to get to this place but I had to get off at the stop before Zone 3 so I didn’t have to pay extra. I got off at a stop that was out of Zone 2 and walked another 15 minutes to a bus stop for them to tell me that the bus was redirecting and so I had to get off at the next stop. I was so hot and my poor feet were not used to walking in flats. I then walked another 20 minutes to get to the tailor to drop off the garments (which literally took 2 seconds) and back home I went.

After all this walking, and being miserable and tired, I had one thing to look forward to: FLOWERS! My flatmates and I (Carly, Drea, and Laila) were going to St. Christopher’s Place, where they would be releasing million flower petals that would rain down on us. So of course we had to go! This definitely improved my mood and we met up with a few others from our program. And the result was this (pictures down below). My snapchat even made it to the London snapchat story (I will be posting a video soon of my 6 seconds of fame).


DSC_1210 The calm before the storm

  DSC_1211 IMG_9134 IMG_9138IMG_9136IMG_9139 IMG_9144

Flower Gang or DIE

11412002_10204565816131472_1498590839019700160_o 11111616_10204565817051495_7241684687163929858_o

We make it rain on them…

First day of my Internship! (Day 4)

23 June 2015

Today was the first day of my internship! So exciting. I woke up kinda early (at least I thought it was early), but it ended up not being and I was late…Anyways I got to my internship in Highgate – I had to take 3 different Tube lines and a bus to get there. It is called Number 35, a high-end women’s fashion boutique specializing in timeless women’s work attire, but also makes your body look bangin’ (I’m serious, they tailor the crap out of the garments to make them fit like a glove and make you look amazing). I worked with Charlotte today, a young British lady who is super sweet! She isn’t isn’t my intern director but I will be working with her (there are like 8 employees total in the company) but we had a lovely chat about London and America. She also gave me good advice about London and where the best shopping districts are as well as where to go to eat the best Indian food and Afternoon Tea.

I didn’t do much today, just chatted with Charlotte and got comfortable with the store. Number 35 (you can go to there website by clicking here) is a really great boutique. Their clothes have been used for the TV series, “The Good Wife” and will be appearing shortly in the new series “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper (I guess the movie is having a TV series spin-off airing soon). It is in a really nice and quaint neighborhood that is quintessential London. I will be working in the Highgate showroom (what they call stores or shops here) and sometimes the one in Chelsea. I’m very excited to start a great, laid back, interesting internship!

(That’s all for today)

Pictures from my Internship!

Photo Jun 23, 4 39 29 PM Photo Jun 23, 4 39 14 PM

Inside of the shop

DSC_1206 DSC_1208

The cute street that the showroom is on (it’s the purple building)

DSC_1207 DSC_1209The flower shop on the corner (there’s a lot of flower shops in London, Brits love their flowers)

Just tourist, doing touristy things

22 June 2015

Carly and I decided to wake up early (9:30am), so we had enough time to get our SIM cards and get to the tour bus in Victoria at 11am, which takes 20-30 minutes to get to. Vodafone is their version of a AT&T or Verizon, so they were able to transfer my phone no problem (I have a iPhone). Carly, on the other hand, has an ancient phone from before 2013 that wouldn’t work with the new SIM card. After what seemed to be 40 minutes, they finally told her that she would have to buy a new phone. By this time it was 10:45am and we needed to rush to the Tour Bus because it would take us a bit to get there.

After rushing to Victoria station (after navigating the Tube for the first time) we searched and searched for our Tour Bus. However, this proved to be impossible, since there were Tour Buses everywhere and we weren’t sure where they were taking off from. We started to walk in one direction (which later was the correct direction) but second guessed ourselves and went in the opposite direction. We then decided to brilliantly (my new word since I’m trying to be London-ish and all) call our program aid, Amanda, to see where they were and if they did leave to ask how we could catch up with them. She explained to us that we just missed it, but that we can get on a couple of Tubes to get to their next stop. So, another adventure of taking the Tube began and we rushed to take all of these Tubes to meet them at their next stop.

Another rant about why London is better than America and America just sucks. They’re Tube system (their Underground) is amazing! They have very comprehensive directions, efficient signage and maps, and frequent trains. You can also buy an oyster card (which is much like the Clipper Card) that is prepaid and good for the Tube, Bus, and Train. Everyone takes the Tube and it goes everywhere in London. You can get anywhere in a matter of a few minutes (because the streets are always crowded and are very narrow so it’s rare not to encounter traffic). I love public transportation so this London system is like a dream come true. Plus I can’t help but to think that I’m always in a Harry Potter movie (lol).

Anyways, Carly and I finally caught up to our group and the bus. Oh, did I mention it was raining? There weren’t anymore seats in the covered part of our Tour Double Decker Bus so we sat in the cold rain and got pretty soaked. While the bus was somewhat interesting (not really, even though I like history, it really bothers me how imperialistic and prideful the English is in their accomplishments when really they basically destroyed lands to claim them as their own, but anyways), Carly and I decided to hop off at the South Bank area and eat.


Some pictures of our very gloomy tour

NMS_1157 NMS_1153

Carly and I decided to walk around all the touristy spots to see more of London, and we walked for a good hour or two before deciding to go home. We got some burritos for dinner and Drea’s boyfriend even cooked some awesome split pea soup. Now we’re all just preparing for our internships tomorrow. eeeeek, wish us luck!

P.S. Here’s some pictures from today!


 DSC_1165 DSC_1178 DSC_1175  DSC_1171  DSC_1197DSC_1192  DSC_1182   DSC_1181

Greetings from London

20 June 2015

I made it in London!! It’s been a lovely first couple of days in London. This city is amazing. The first day I arrived around 2pm London time (6am PTS) and my first challenge was finding the uber that I requested in the airport. After searching for what seemed like an hour (but probably was only 30 mins) and going up and down the elevator (they call it lift here) 5 times, I finally found my uber driver. He explained to me that they don’t have any pick up locations at Heathrow airport – which is very strange but oh well.


My new home for 2 months

I arrived to my room around 4:30pm and met my roommate Leyla from Canada and later my roommate Carly from Pennsylvania. They’re both extremely chill and nice, we get along no problem. We then decided to find some food and we opted for a quintessential pub/restaurant. I wanted authentic fish and chips, which I didn’t finish because they literally gave me a whole half of a fish.


Here’s an after picture of my fish and chips and beer…

After that we went to a grocery store called Tesco’s and it’s pretty affordable. The nice thing about things here in London is that everything is healthy (no preservatives) and affordable (one or two pounds per item, usually). We got some essentials and then headed back home, since most of us were exhausted even though it was a Saturday night.

21 June 2015

After sleeping for 12 hours (from 11pm to 11am) I finally decided to wake up haha. Jet lag is no joke, I thought I was sick or nauseous or something because this time difference is really intense. Leyla and I had our orientation time at 2pm, so we walked together to the place where we met all of our Global Experience leader/guides/helpers/etc. They were explaining the rules like, “don’t show up to your internship drunk” and “don’t get fired from your internship or else we’ll send you home” type stuff. While this was going on it was sooooo warm in the room and I started to fall asleep (not because it was boring but because of jet lag + warm rooms + having to listen = sleepy time for Melissa).

NMS_1144  NMS_1147  NMS_1148

Leyla and I then decided to shop for more essentials. We decided to take the bus to the department store our RA suggested we check out. It’s called Argo’s. We first walked in and looked around, confused and unsure. It looked like an Apple store, with counters of iPads and electronics as the only things in the store. Finally we figured it out: you order what you need on the iPads, pay, and the workers find the items in the warehouse and give them to you. So confusing, but brilliant, why don’t we have something like this in the states. It can reduce theft, promote convenience, and save you a shit-ton of time. I will post the video later of how it worked (if I learn how to upload a movie on this thing), it is actually amazing.

When we got back it was time to get ready for the party that our GE’s were throwing us as sort of a welcome party. I met Drea, my other roommate from Maryland who is also very chill and funny! So all of the roommates (except one, Drina, who is from Kyrgyzstan) & Drea’s boyfriend, who also is studying abroad from the same school Drea is attending, decided to first go out to eat then arrive fashionably, fashionably late to the party. We decided on Jamie’s Italian restaurant, which I guess is an Italian chain. They’re food was really good (probably because we were all hungry).

The cool thing about London is that they serve actual portions (unlike America’s extremely huge portions) and I can actually eat all of it. While I can never finish a meal in America, I can actually finish my whole plate in the UK. Their food is also mostly organic or healthy raised, which might be the reason why they don’t have ridiculous health care, diabetes, and obesity problems (hmm…America). Even they’re “fast food” or “take away” (it’s not to-go, it’s called take away) is prepared that day, organic, and sustainable. Why can’t we be like this America…WHYYY?!

Anyways, we arrived to the party about 2 hours late (oops). But it was at this place called Barrio North. It’s so interesting to see how they portray Mexican restaurants here. Most of the people there had already drank a lot, so we had to catch up. We ordered this cool skull head that had a LOT of alcohol in it. Then everyone wanted to be our friend and ask us where we got this awesome skull head that we named Señor Beady. Yep, after that me and Carly went home since we wanted to wake up early for the Tour Bus event and to get our SIM cards for our phones, while Leyla, Drea, and her boyfriend wanted to get more drinks!


Drea & her other bf Senor Beady!

Paws for Pints 🐾

On Saturday I attended Berkeley Humane Society’s fundraiser Paws for Pints. It was probably my perfect event: dogs and beer! They gave you a cute little pint glass and there were lots of breweries to try. They only give you a little taste tho and the price to get in was hefty ($45). But, I just had to remember that it was for a good cause.


My cute puppy with my cute pint glass   

The highlight of my time was when I was sitting down and a pup came and sat in my lap. Poor baby girl was so scared… The owners were telling me that they were sorry but I didn’t mind because I love dogs! And I could tell that they were new owners. The poor puppy was super overwhelmed by everything and just needed someone to make her feel better. So I held her for about 15 minutes just stroking her and making sure she felt safe.


Lucy, the pup that jumped into my lap looking for comfort

The cool part was seeing how behaved all the dogs were. You could tell that most of the people attending were dog lovers and pretty good owners. The dogs were all just chillin as their owners drank beer. The sucky part is that they weren’t giving out that much beer but I did get to try a lot of different breweries.

I love causes like this. It’s for a good cause and they get a lot of the community to participate. I look forward to going to it next year and I suggest that everyone attend!

Treasure Island Flea Market w/ My Favorites



This weekend I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market with my mom, my puppy, and my boyfriend. These are by far my favorite people and it’s nice to spend some quality time with them. If you haven’t been to the Treasure Island Flea Market, I suggest you go! There are tons of food trucks and vendors selling the coolest stuff. And for you dog lovers, it’s dog-friendly! Plus, this was my first time on Treasure Island where I actually did things other than take pictures (even tho I did that too). The Flea Market is the last weekend of every month and can get quite crowded so get there early!

DSC_1096 DSC_1095

I’m in love with guys clothes, I always have been. I’m that girl that you’ll see shop in the guy’s section or stealing my brother’s and boyfriend’s clothes. There is something about guys clothes that I enjoy. I like the way it fits and makes me feel. This outfit consists of my brother’s sweatshirt, that’s now mine, and some pants I got from Urban for $6 (gotta love that Employee Discount). Along with some Superga shoes and a thrifted purse.


  • 10 Deep Nightfall Hoody
  • Silence + Noise Loose Trousers (from UO)
  • Superga Leahorsew (find them here)
  • Thrifted Purse

The Amazing Travis Mocker Took My Grad Photos


These amazing pictures were taken by the talented Travis Mocker (@therealquietplanet). A homie since forever, he somehow managed to make my annoying, non-model ass look good in a picture (for once). I’ve never had a photographer take pictures of me but his professionalism along with fuckin chill ass vibes didn’t even make it seem like he was snappin flicks of me. If anyone is looking to get good portraits done, I would suggest hitting him up and checking out his IG for a better idea of his work.

IMG_4001 IMG_4007 IMG_4019 IMG_4075 IMG_4046

University of San Francisco, graduate

The people who made this all possible - my amazing, beautiful parents.


Karen, my only friend at USF ❤

So, I graduated. I am officially a college graduate. Such a surreal, rewarding, bittersweet feeling. My time at USF was a weird one. I transferred in the middle of my freshman year from SJSU and it was probably the best move I made. USF was more my pace with people I actually enjoyed. Although I didn’t make that many friends, I was focused and determined to make my time at USF worth it.

I graduated in St. Ignatius church. We were one out of 7 graduations that were happening that weekend.

I graduated in St. Ignatius church. We were one out of 7 graduations that were happening that weekend.

College education, despite criticism, is an important and useful degree that can teach you a lot about the world. I decided to go into USF declaring a degree in business administration. While I did not declare marketing, I took mainly marketing classes and determined that marketing was the route I wanted to take. The professors, the counselors, and staff at USF were amazing. So helpful and inspiring, you could just feel that the teachers really want you to succeed.

Overall, my time at USF was one that was both amazing and enlightening. I learned not only from the book, but from real-life, industry-applicable experiences. Although I didn’t have an actual on-campus college experience, I am so glad that I had such a successful and interesting adventure pursuing my future. My advice to all of those in college: don’t just settle for a degree that you might like later on, pursue a degree that you’re dedicated and passionate about. I promise you, it will make things a lot easier and inspire you better to actually make something positive from your life.