University of San Francisco, graduate

The people who made this all possible - my amazing, beautiful parents.

Karen, my only friend at USF ❤

So, I graduated. I am officially a college graduate. Such a surreal, rewarding, bittersweet feeling. My time at USF was a weird one. I transferred in the middle of my freshman year from SJSU and it was probably the best move I made. USF was more my pace with people I actually enjoyed. Although I didn’t make that many friends, I was focused and determined to make my time at USF worth it.

I graduated in St. Ignatius church. We were one out of 7 graduations that were happening that weekend.
I graduated in St. Ignatius church. We were one out of 7 graduations that were happening that weekend.

College education, despite criticism, is an important and useful degree that can teach you a lot about the world. I decided to go into USF declaring a degree in business administration. While I did not declare marketing, I took mainly marketing classes and determined that marketing was the route I wanted to take. The professors, the counselors, and staff at USF were amazing. So helpful and inspiring, you could just feel that the teachers really want you to succeed.

Overall, my time at USF was one that was both amazing and enlightening. I learned not only from the book, but from real-life, industry-applicable experiences. Although I didn’t have an actual on-campus college experience, I am so glad that I had such a successful and interesting adventure pursuing my future. My advice to all of those in college: don’t just settle for a degree that you might like later on, pursue a degree that you’re dedicated and passionate about. I promise you, it will make things a lot easier and inspire you better to actually make something positive from your life.


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