Paws for Pints 🐾

On Saturday I attended Berkeley Humane Society’s fundraiser Paws for Pints. It was probably my perfect event: dogs and beer! They gave you a cute little pint glass and there were lots of breweries to try. They only give you a little taste tho and the price to get in was hefty ($45). But, I just had to remember that it was for a good cause.


My cute puppy with my cute pint glass   

The highlight of my time was when I was sitting down and a pup came and sat in my lap. Poor baby girl was so scared… The owners were telling me that they were sorry but I didn’t mind because I love dogs! And I could tell that they were new owners. The poor puppy was super overwhelmed by everything and just needed someone to make her feel better. So I held her for about 15 minutes just stroking her and making sure she felt safe.


Lucy, the pup that jumped into my lap looking for comfort

The cool part was seeing how behaved all the dogs were. You could tell that most of the people attending were dog lovers and pretty good owners. The dogs were all just chillin as their owners drank beer. The sucky part is that they weren’t giving out that much beer but I did get to try a lot of different breweries.

I love causes like this. It’s for a good cause and they get a lot of the community to participate. I look forward to going to it next year and I suggest that everyone attend!


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