Just tourist, doing touristy things

22 June 2015

Carly and I decided to wake up early (9:30am), so we had enough time to get our SIM cards and get to the tour bus in Victoria at 11am, which takes 20-30 minutes to get to. Vodafone is their version of a AT&T or Verizon, so they were able to transfer my phone no problem (I have a iPhone). Carly, on the other hand, has an ancient phone from before 2013 that wouldn’t work with the new SIM card. After what seemed to be 40 minutes, they finally told her that she would have to buy a new phone. By this time it was 10:45am and we needed to rush to the Tour Bus because it would take us a bit to get there.

After rushing to Victoria station (after navigating the Tube for the first time) we searched and searched for our Tour Bus. However, this proved to be impossible, since there were Tour Buses everywhere and we weren’t sure where they were taking off from. We started to walk in one direction (which later was the correct direction) but second guessed ourselves and went in the opposite direction. We then decided to brilliantly (my new word since I’m trying to be London-ish and all) call our program aid, Amanda, to see where they were and if they did leave to ask how we could catch up with them. She explained to us that we just missed it, but that we can get on a couple of Tubes to get to their next stop. So, another adventure of taking the Tube began and we rushed to take all of these Tubes to meet them at their next stop.

Another rant about why London is better than America and America just sucks. They’re Tube system (their Underground) is amazing! They have very comprehensive directions, efficient signage and maps, and frequent trains. You can also buy an oyster card (which is much like the Clipper Card) that is prepaid and good for the Tube, Bus, and Train. Everyone takes the Tube and it goes everywhere in London. You can get anywhere in a matter of a few minutes (because the streets are always crowded and are very narrow so it’s rare not to encounter traffic). I love public transportation so this London system is like a dream come true. Plus I can’t help but to think that I’m always in a Harry Potter movie (lol).

Anyways, Carly and I finally caught up to our group and the bus. Oh, did I mention it was raining? There weren’t anymore seats in the covered part of our Tour Double Decker Bus so we sat in the cold rain and got pretty soaked. While the bus was somewhat interesting (not really, even though I like history, it really bothers me how imperialistic and prideful the English is in their accomplishments when really they basically destroyed lands to claim them as their own, but anyways), Carly and I decided to hop off at the South Bank area and eat.


Some pictures of our very gloomy tour

NMS_1157 NMS_1153

Carly and I decided to walk around all the touristy spots to see more of London, and we walked for a good hour or two before deciding to go home. We got some burritos for dinner and Drea’s boyfriend even cooked some awesome split pea soup. Now we’re all just preparing for our internships tomorrow. eeeeek, wish us luck!

P.S. Here’s some pictures from today!


 DSC_1165 DSC_1178 DSC_1175  DSC_1171  DSC_1197DSC_1192  DSC_1182   DSC_1181


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