First day of my Internship! (Day 4)

23 June 2015

Today was the first day of my internship! So exciting. I woke up kinda early (at least I thought it was early), but it ended up not being and I was late…Anyways I got to my internship in Highgate – I had to take 3 different Tube lines and a bus to get there. It is called Number 35, a high-end women’s fashion boutique specializing in timeless women’s work attire, but also makes your body look bangin’ (I’m serious, they tailor the crap out of the garments to make them fit like a glove and make you look amazing). I worked with Charlotte today, a young British lady who is super sweet! She isn’t isn’t my intern director but I will be working with her (there are like 8 employees total in the company) but we had a lovely chat about London and America. She also gave me good advice about London and where the best shopping districts are as well as where to go to eat the best Indian food and Afternoon Tea.

I didn’t do much today, just chatted with Charlotte and got comfortable with the store. Number 35 (you can go to there website by clicking here) is a really great boutique. Their clothes have been used for the TV series, “The Good Wife” and will be appearing shortly in the new series “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper (I guess the movie is having a TV series spin-off airing soon). It is in a really nice and quaint neighborhood that is quintessential London. I will be working in the Highgate showroom (what they call stores or shops here) and sometimes the one in Chelsea. I’m very excited to start a great, laid back, interesting internship!

(That’s all for today)

Pictures from my Internship!

Photo Jun 23, 4 39 29 PM Photo Jun 23, 4 39 14 PM

Inside of the shop

DSC_1206 DSC_1208

The cute street that the showroom is on (it’s the purple building)

DSC_1207 DSC_1209The flower shop on the corner (there’s a lot of flower shops in London, Brits love their flowers)


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