Flowah Powah, Baby! Ohhh yeahhhh (in Austin Power voice) – Day 5

24 June 2015

So, today I woke up frustrated and exhausted from the night before. I spent at least 2 hours trying to fall asleep, and mind you I went to bed at 2am because I was Skyping my brother on the other side of the country (he’s in Sydney, Australia right now studying abroad). I then made my way to my internship, exhausted and in a daze. Charlotte had me re-merchandise the window display and the cabinet, which was fun because I love merchandising. After she asked me if I could take a few garments to the tailor (they have a whole list of people who do their alterations, fabrics, and other sewing things). I put the address in my CityMapper and off I went.

Traveling the Tube and public transportation is pretty fun for me, however today I was way too tired to focus (which I should be doing since I’m in a completely foreign area and I need to be alert to know where to go). I almost fell asleep in the Tube multiple times, which can be very deadly because I can miss my stop. I got off at the specified station and started walking in the direction I thought the tailor was. After walking for about 15 minutes I realized I walked in the wrong direction, and walked all the way back. Mind you, it is really hot and humid today and I’m wearing a long-sleeved chiffon blouse (which isn’t breathable material), thick leggings, and flats (my poor feet were killing me). When I finally got to the place that the directions said, I looked for the building that Charlotte described but I couldn’t find it. Finally I called her and she told me that I was at the wrong place and to go back to near my living space since that’s where the tailor was. So, I hopped back onto the Tube, walked for about 20 minutes and finally reached the tailor (2 hours later).

When I finally got back to Number 35 (this was now about 3 hours later after all the redirections I had to take) Charlotte immediately handed me more things to take to another tailor on the opposite side of town out of zone 3 (my Oyster Card only goes to Zone 1 and 2). So I had to take more buses and Tubes to get to this place but I had to get off at the stop before Zone 3 so I didn’t have to pay extra. I got off at a stop that was out of Zone 2 and walked another 15 minutes to a bus stop for them to tell me that the bus was redirecting and so I had to get off at the next stop. I was so hot and my poor feet were not used to walking in flats. I then walked another 20 minutes to get to the tailor to drop off the garments (which literally took 2 seconds) and back home I went.

After all this walking, and being miserable and tired, I had one thing to look forward to: FLOWERS! My flatmates and I (Carly, Drea, and Laila) were going to St. Christopher’s Place, where they would be releasing million flower petals that would rain down on us. So of course we had to go! This definitely improved my mood and we met up with a few others from our program. And the result was this (pictures down below). My snapchat even made it to the London snapchat story (I will be posting a video soon of my 6 seconds of fame).


DSC_1210 The calm before the storm

  DSC_1211 IMG_9134 IMG_9138IMG_9136IMG_9139 IMG_9144

Flower Gang or DIE

11412002_10204565816131472_1498590839019700160_o 11111616_10204565817051495_7241684687163929858_o

We make it rain on them…


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