LOVE WON! (Day 8 & 9)

It’s the weekend!

27 June 2015

On this day, love won (in America at least). Such a great feeling to know that the politicians up on Capitol Hill got it right for once. I wish I could be in the states to enjoy this miraculous time and although pride was today, I sadly was at work. Today at work I actually met the CEO, Andrea, who taught me a lot about her business and her story. It is very refreshing to meet a European CEO and to understand her perspective about business, politics, and life. She is truly an inspiring woman, and I love listening to her and learning from her. It is also nice to finally work under a CEO that cares for their employees and does not belittle you or talk down to you just because of her title. If anything she wants to help and works collectively with her employees as a team, rather than a dictatorship (much like the disgusting practices of the states).

After work, I met up with my lovely flatmates and we went on a little adventure around Buckingham Palace and South Bank and stuff. We took some cute pictures and just had a good time. It sort of sucks having work on a Saturday, but I guess I have to make the best of it.

Some photos from today


Just a nice day to be at Buckingham Palace

DSC_1224 DSC_1225

Had to take one of these pictures [:

11050282_1153003221382437_772352866263020004_n 11666071_1153001088049317_7359890587768603664_n

My awesome flatmates – Drea, Carly, Medina (Carly had a little too much fun with the selfie stick)

28 June 2015

Today was my first day off since Monday! Yay! So me, Drea, and Carly decided to go to this Hackney Flea Market, a vintage flea market that they have every last weekend of the month (just like Treasure Island Flea Market back home). So I decided to navigate us there (cos I apparently know where I’m going) except I got us lost and brought to the wrong street all the way on the other side of town….great. We decided that Carly be our navigator for the rest of the time LOL. So she got us to the flea market no problem, we also met up with Drea’s bf.

When we got to the venue where the flea market would be, it was so adorable. The vintage here is actually vintage, and there’s a shit ton of it. Carly and I’s eyes lit up like little children (we seriously act like children but it’s okay because we appreciate things like little kids appreciate things!) and we spent literally like an hour in there going around twice. This building was little, but it was jam packed with a lot of cute items. I was not even in the building for more than 5 minutes before I already bought a vintage jacket (the lady sold me when she told me she would give me five pounds off the jacket, damn these sales people are so good). Drea and her bf ended up going someplace else, so it was just me and Carly.

Here are some pictures from the flea market:

After spending an hour there we went to a creep cemetery across the street. It was around 300 years old I think? It was now a park that was really overgrown and not up kept at all. There were lots of little trails and different avenues to walk through. It was very erie and a bit creepy. We saw one man carrying his dog and when he passed us he said “he must have been spooked or something” (talking about the dog). That didn’t make us feel any better. As we kept walking we also saw possibly homeless people or just weird old British people who were sitting by the fire that they made (weirddddddd). We were getting creeped out so we left and made our way to Brick Lane.

By this time it was around 5ish, we had spend most of our time traveling. We went into a few different vintage stores (which btw are fucking SOOOO dope, I wish we had as many vintage stores here, but the only problem is that they’re a bit pricey, which tends to happen for vintage clothes). We walked into a market of some sort and there was a shit ton of food from around the world. Vietnamese, Chinese, Thailand, Moroccan, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, everything! And they were closing so they wanted to get rid of their food and all their food was discounted, and they gave you a lot of it! Me and Carly stuffed our faces and proceeded to try to walk around Brick Lane but realized everything was closing since it’s a Sunday.

Ahhh, we had such a nice day. It is really nice to also be around someone that appreciates all the little things that I appreciate and that loves to just walk around and sightsee and just take everything in. Today was a good day off [:

Pictures Pictures (in order of the day) –

Hackney Flea Market



Freaky taxidermy stuff (why would you kill a baby chick tho)


Creepy Cemetery

DSC_1235 DSC_123211699069_10204589525324187_2718524556456626071_o

Should I be smiling in a picture like this?


That’s more like it

Brick Lane and Shoreditch Area –

DSC_1245 DSC_1246DSC_1244


DSC_1249 11700870_10204589529844300_1858217331486645930_o

DSC_1254 DSC_1253 DSC_1250


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