The Honeymoon Stage is Over (Week 2-3)

WOOOOW sorry for being MIA, I guess I’ve been slacking to write since nothing important or exciting has been happening. But, thank you to those who still actually read my blog, I hope you find it somewhat entertaining and interesting. Letsee, I will try to recall the things that I’ve done this week but it might be boring so I will try not to bore my advocate readers (I’m just happy that people read my thoughts).

Monday – June 29

I had work today, nothing was interesting happened. After work me and Carly were going to go to this cool cafe that’s in an old toilet station, but it closes at 6 (which unfortunately a lot of places do around here), so we went exploring. We had some yummy milkshakes at a chocolate place and ate some ramen at a ramen shop. Let me tell you this ramen has been the best food that I’ve eaten here, because English food is complete shit (I will elaborate more on this when I write a Pro’s and Con’s of London blog post that I hopefully will get to tonight). They have these 2 for the price of 1 bun Monday’s so we established that we would come here on Mondays! After dinner we had a walk around the Buckingham Palace ponds (I say “have a walk” because the British like to put “a” in front of singular verbs like my work tells me to “have a clean” or “have a look” and I’m trying to blend in LOL).

Something very sad happened over the weekend. In Tunisia, 38 tourist were killed while they sunbathed by ISIS extremist. This comes in the wake of the 10th year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings of the Underground and buses back in 2005. The country has been in high alert, posting signs to watch our surroundings and to report any suspicious behavior. Flags are flown at half mast.

Here’s some pictures from today:


DSC_1275 DSC_1270  DSC_1267 DSC_1266

DSC_1268   DSC_1265

Tuesday – June 30

Nothing exciting happened today. I think I went to the huge Westfield new mall that they built for the 2012 Summer Olympics. It had all these nice British shops (and some American) but all I could buy was boba. This mall even had a casino in it open 24 hours. Plus, going in this mall was nice because it was hot as shit outside. London never has summers like this so finding a place that actually has AC is rare (which this mall conveniently had). A lot of people had the same idea I did because this place was packed. Yep. that’s all that happened today.

Wednesday – July 1

Today I finally worked at the Clerkenwell showroom for work. It was supposed to be the hottest day on record in July EVER. I came during such a great time, even though its bloody hell because for work I’m constantly taking the tube, bus, or walking to get to different tailors which, in this heat, has been HELL. The tube never has AC and is actually like at least 10 degrees fahrenhiet then actually outside, the bus has windows that barely open, and its hot and humid outside. AND I’M IN WORK CLOTHES. Ugh, ok I’m complaining, but it hasn’t been the nicest time to commute. Today at work I actually did things that I would do at school or for a real job (before this I’ve been the mule between the showrooms and their manufactures and tailors). I had to research competitors to eventually assemble a SWOT, which is awesome. When my boss explained the assignment to me, I thought, “Wow, easy peasy” because I’ve done at least 3 or 4 in school, but she said that all the interns previously didn’t know what it was and that it’s MBA level. She was shocked when I perfectly explained it to her. So that was a bit of fun (finally). After that I tried not to die so I just hung out in the common room with my flatmates.

Thursday, July 2

Today wasn’t as hot as yesterday, because it actually rained. But nothing important happened at work so lets not talk about it. Later, me and my flatmates and some friends went to a Hookah Bar in Camden Town, and then went to a bar to get a pint. yep

Friday – July 3

Work was blehhhh, I don’t really know what to talk about. Today I was supposed to go to the Wireless festival but no one wanted to go with me this day so I ended up working. I had to go to a competitor to spy to add it to my competitive analysis so I did that and went to 2 manufactures today. After work me and my flatmates went out to dinner (a terrible pan-asian restaurant chain that sucks butt) and got some alcohol to pregame for tonight. Our first plan was to go to this club but the bouncers were terribly mean and they were asking for 15 pounds to get in, so we went to the bar across the street to get drinks and listen to music (and it was free). We were looking for a plan B and we saw this club called XOYO. They were also asking for 15 pounds but we went in anyways. The music was some electronic, crazy sound that was hard to get into so me and Carly were a bit miserable. We didn’t have a good time and ended up going home around 2:30ish.

End of week 2


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