Weekend #3 – MOM’S HERE

Look who came to visit me [:


My mommmmmmyyyyyy.

Saturday – July 4

I knew I had to wake up early, since my mom’s flight would be landing around 7am. I was so tired from the night before but I had to get up. I met my mom at her hotel, The Cavendish. Poor mama was tired from the 10 hour flight, 8 hour time differences, and 1 hour of sleep. But she was a trooper and spent time with me as we went to a quintessential pub. We then went to the Shoreditch district to walk around Bricklane and Spitafields market. It wasn’t such a good idea since all the markets are open and better to go to on Sundays. So we went back to the hotel, ate at our hotel, and then decided to do the tourist walk around Buckingham Palace and Westminster. Mom wanted to find a good running route so I showed her all of the pretty historical buildings. She was so tired so we went back to the hotel and went to sleeeep.

Sunday – July 5

Mom haaaad to wake me up today because we haaad to go to church. It was okay though because I wanted to show her the magnificence that is the Westminster Cathedral. This beautiful church is Catholic and very understated when compared to its neighbor the Westminster Abbey. Just down the street from Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey, this Cathedral is not only passed by, but it lets you in FOR FREE (compared to the Westminster Abbey that makes you pay a ridiculous 20 pounds to get in). After 9am mass we got a nice breakfast that wasn’t ridiculously expensive, since most of the food here is so over priced. After that we wanted to go shopping again so we went to Bricklane again. We stopped at some vintage stores, some British stores and just had a good look at everything. Although we didn’t buy anything we had some awesome food at the Sunday Market. After we wanted to walk around Southbank and finished the night with a beer and a good view. Also, we watched the Women’s World Cup in our hotel room since it aired at 12am. Mom woke up in time to see all of the goals. [[:

Here are some pictures from the weekend-


I’m in London with my mom! Isn’t she cute? 


Street food, literally on the street


I still dream about this magnificent Japanese pancake that I enjoyed so joyously.


Blitz, a cute vintage shop

DSC_1288 DSC_1290


I went to church in my business clothes

DSC_1294 DSC_1295 DSC_1296


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