My Week With My Mom! (Week #3)

This week I was definitely spoiled! My amazing mama came to visit me in London, and I got to stay in her luxurious hotel. Definitely a step up from my flat, I mean this room has air conditioning, a comfy bed, room maintenance, and best yet, a TV! I haven’t watched British television since I’ve lived here and watching it for the first time was very interesting (and boring, they have shitty entertainment here). So let’s see, I will break it down again by day to give you my week!

Monday, June 8

I had my internship today, I’m learning a lot and just happy to be in the fashion industry! Mom went to Wimbledon today, she was fortunate enough to buy a ticket and sat at Court 1. We were supposed to go get Ramen today after work, but she said that she was going to watch 3 matches instead of 2, so me and Carly went out instead since we love our 2 for 1 Bun Monday’s at Shoryu ramen. After that mom came home exhausted.

Tuesday, June 9

For work, I am constantly traveling around London to different manufacturers. Today I ended up in Stratford. I always end up in Stratford, since that’s where one of their manufactures are based, so I told mom to meet me at Westfield. We first went to a bar called Cafe Football, where we watched Wimbledon on TV and drank San Miguel (beer from the Philippines yeeeey). After that we tried to shop, but the shops were so crowded and it was hard to look around like that, since I am her child after all and we tend to hate the same things like being around crazy people in malls that are crowded. So we opted to get dinner at this Brazilian place that served us some good food. We had tickets to a rooftop movie across the street, so we got our blankets and set up in our little chairs and headsets. The movie we were watching was “10 Things I Hate About You” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger. Surprisingly that was my first time watching that movie, and I loved it. It was a teenager click flick and I dug it! Plus, it is so cool to watch it on a rooftop outside in great weather.

IMG_9233-1 IMG_9234

Wednesday, June 10

Work was work, I had a lot of traveling to do today. They made me go from their store in Highgate, back to Clerkenwell, then back to Highgate, then to Stratford, then back to Clerkenwell. Awesome stuff right? Anyways, the Tube was going on strike today so we got to leave a little early from work, since the Tube would be closing at 6:30. I met mom at the hotel and we went to dinner at this really cool Japanese place that was AMAZING. It was the best food I have eaten in London so far. The atmosphere was really cool too since it was like rock-n-roll theme-ish? They restaurant also had a ramen spot called Bone Daddy’s that we will try out next time. We went to this play after called “The Mentalist”, a comedy show about two guys. I wanted to try it out since it was British and comedy and I wanted to see how it was. Well it was terrible. Like horrible, actually. I thought it would have some substance or being interesting at all. Well it wasn’t and I actually fell asleep during it…Never doing that again. Mom and I got boba after and walked home since the trains weren’t working.

IMG_9238-1 IMG_9243-1

Thursday, June 11

Today I didn’t have work! Yay! It was also good I didn’t have work because it was a Tube strike, which meant havoc on the streets. Literally the streets were bumper to bumper traffic and the sidewalks were filled to the brim with people. We couldn’t get anywhere on the bus so we had to walk. We first got breakfast, then walked about 1.5 miles to the London Museum, which was very interesting because I love history. Then again they also don’t mention in their museum or history about their cruel pasts as a colonizing country or the fact that they had slaves, but of course why would they mention and make their perfect country look bad.

After that we walked to Shoreditch to the Box Park where I bought me and JM shoes from Filling Pieces, an Amsterdam designer sneaker that isn’t available in the states. We wanted to go home after and tried the bus, which was a bust since we went NO WHERE so we got off and walked the rest of the way home, which was around 1.7 miles. At home, we wanted to watch the women’s semi-finals (Serena against Maria Sharapova) so we went to this American Sports Bar (lol) and ordered 2 beers each. After that we walked all the way to Knightsbridge to go shopping at Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Such great luxury apartments. After that again we walked all the way to this gourmet Dim Sum place that was really good and then walked home exhausted from the day since we basically walked like over 6 miles.


Filling Pieces was even playing Little Simz (my favorite British rapper) when I came in


Vertical garden on a hotel


Crazy amount of people on bikes and on foot during this Tube strike.


The cute tribute to Princess Diana and her boyfriend in Harrods


My mom and her adorable self.


Harrods, the department store that looks like a palace

Friday, June 12

I had work yet again, and I turned in my SWOT analysis. My manager said it was the best first project that she has read by an intern ever, that’s good news. Anyways, after work I met mom and we went to the Bone Daddy’s ramen place that was pretty good. I had to leave her because I wanted to go out that night (which I shouldn’t have done at all and instead have stayed the last night with her, but I went out instead). I got ready and everything but by the time we got going it was already 1am and I had to leave because I had work in the morning (yes I’m like one of the only people in my whole program that has to work on weekends).

Overall it was a great week with my mom. She spoiled me rotten and after living the life, coming back to the flat without her is making me miss home even more. But I’m glad she came and I had such a good time! LOVE YOU MAMA ❤


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