Weekend #4

I should just name the title “Sunday”, since my weekend was really only Sunday since I had work on Saturday (groan).

Saturday, July 11

Today I had work all day. After that I went back to my flat and hung out with my flatmates for the first time in forever (since I had been with my mom the whole week prior). I made some dinner (more like heated up dinner) and drank some booze since me and some of my flatmates were going out. They had tickets to the Ministry of Sound, I didn’t have a ticket because I didn’t want to buy the boat cruise that was going on during the day since I had work. When we got there it was 28 quid (that’s slang for pounds) just to get in! Ridiculous! But luckily the girl in front of me told me that if you have a student ID, you can get a discount to get in for 21 pounds (ugh I don’t have the pound sign on this keyboard). I realized I didn’t have my student ID, but I begged the lady in the front and she believed me and gave it to me for 21lbs (lol, lbs). The club was pretty cool, and I was trying really hard to get into the music, but the music here is so different, it’s a little hard. I fake danced the night away (since i don’t know how to dance to techno with no words or singing to it) and went home with these other 2 girls from my program [:

Sunday, July 12

A day off yay! First off, I slept until 12pm since I went to bed at 4am. Then, me, Carly, Drea, Madina, and her friend from Germany went to Camden Town to shop and walk around. Camden Town was packed to the brim with tourists! I can see why, this place is very interesting and has a lot of character to it. This place seemed like the birth of grunge and goth with it’s eclectic shops and unique storefronts. I wanted to take pictures of the shops but there are a lot of “no picture” signs in them (sucks). There were shops that had steampunk-esque clothes, old Victorian goth, cutesy Victorian tea party lacey vintage clothes, and more. I got a cute black lace dress from the cutesy Victorian-esque tea party store (I had to buy something, it was just…too cute).

We walked around more and ended up at the Camden Market. They had a great outdoor area with street food from every country in the world (literally) and the food was super authentic because the people running these stalls were native to their country. I ended up getting Italian street food, but that was only because it was so crowded and I didn’t want to go all the way back through the bodies of people to look all over again. After that we roamed around the markets. I got this cool witch pendant from witches and a hand-carved tribal face from a sculpturist from India, who learned how to make sculptures by learning from the people who would carve Hindu statues for the temples (SOOO COOL). We walked around more and found more interesting stuff, this place is crawling with unique items, but it started to rain so we waited for the tube to open back up and went home!

El Fotos


Hand-made pasta (I was so tempted to get this but I kept walking…regrets)


My home-made smoothie next to my home-made Italian Street food wrap with prosciutto, arugula, mozzarella, y tomato (they also had dough the size of a fat man’s belly sitting on the table where they made the wrap from)


The view from where I was sitting to eat (you can see half of the food market on the left).


This market is the Horse Stable Market, where this old stable was converted into a market back in 18-something.


Each stall is a different store! I always try to imagine old stuff back in it’s hay-day (LOL PUN). Imagine this place filled with horses, that is just so cool to me.


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