Life of a Fashion Intern

This week I finally feel like I’m learning something! While still running around doing chores, they’ve let me accompany them to a fashion shoot to shoot their Autum/Winter 15 collection for their online shop. I also got thorough feedback from my SWOT analysis and some great mentorship from the CEO/Designer, Andrea!

On Tuesday, I assisted in the photoshoot. The area where they shot was a very dingey warehouse, but the inside was completely professional and quite nice. This photo place is apparently where a lot of famous people have shot for great editorials or commercial ads. Kristina, my program director here at Number 35, does almost everything, from helping to designing the clothes, working with me and all of the partners, and I guess modeling! She’s been modeling since the age of 8, which is great because the company doesn’t have to hire any more models. The experience was pretty interesting. I saw the process of getting ready to shoot, to during the shoot, and all the elements that come with it. It was pretty funny because the guy that owns the studio, Adrian, was just there to supervise, but the entire time we were there he was playing a game (similar to Call of Duty and Battlefield) but he was playing online with his headset. So, while they were shooting you can hear him cussing on the mic and saying “He’s behind you he’s behind you!” LOL so funny. Kristina is also a brilliant model and knows how to shoot commercial very well. Andrea is also a great director and knows what she wants to make the clothes look brilliant.

Another good thing about this week is that they were able to go over my SWOT with me in person. Kristina said that since I put a lot of thought and energy into it, that she wanted to give me back the same feedback. The feedback was great because it did seem like I was learning from it, and I learned a lot more about the business. Kristina said that it was the best SWOT she’s ever had from an intern there, which was nice to hear.

The coolest thing that happened was that Andrea, the CEO and boss, expressed so pleasantly to me that I was the brightest intern they’ve ever had, which was soooo nice to hear. I asked her if it was because I’m a business intern, but she said no because they’ve had loads of business interns before, but that it was because I know my stuff and that she can tell that I work hard. She said that she see’s a lot of potential in me. All of this coming from a really inspiring woman was a completely amazing feeling. Let me tell you, having something so nice come from a boss that I actually look up to and respect (for once) motivates me to be even better and gives me the courage and recognition to realize that this is the path that I want to pursue and that I have the potential to do it.

Ahhh, some great feelings from this internship (finally).


Kiera Knightly was here!


Kristina, the brilliant model and my supervisor!


My boss, CEO, and Designer, Andrea, sitting on the stool



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