Alexander McQueen a.k.a. the best moment of my LIFE

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Today I had the day off! I have to work on Saturday, so they gave me a day off during the week to compensate for it. Me and Carly (who didn’t have to be at work until 1330) decided to get some breakfast. It was cute and quaint but the best part of it was the little doggie that would constantly jump on you, bark, or go under the fence for attention. We also got some nice coffee at Cafe Nero, then tried to renew our sim cards for our phones. Another fucking hard time at the phone shop since we’re American and something was going on with their system, but nevertheless we got it fixed 30 minutes later. After that me and Carly had to go our separate ways and I went off to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

My first stop was the Alexander McQueen Exhibit. I was so excited because Alexander McQueen is by far my FAVORITE designers, and even though I’m into fashion, I don’t really like big designers and conventional runways. My coworker, Charlotte, let me borrow her membership so I got into the exhibit for free! Went I walked into the exhibit, man oh man, something in me changed and I seriously either died and was reincarnated or had an out-of-body experience that I could not explain.

His exhibit showed from his early days designing at design school and his early collections to his last collection before he died. McQueen EMBODIES avant garde and couture, dramatic and dynamic, everything I love about fashion! His collections were romantic, gothic, innovative, native, naturalist, prideful, elegant, rigid…I could go on and on but I honestly cannot describe to you the beauty of all of his runway pieces with this simple blog post. It is too beautiful for words. The exhibit was profound and thought-provoking, each room challenged your thinking of the collection while highlighting the magnificence and beauty of his work. One room, the one with all of the TV’s of his runway shows, with walls covered with his garments, overwhelmed me the most. I was awe-inspired and seriously hypnotized by his work. I sat in that room for a good 45 minutes to an hour taking everything in.

I think I mostly related to McQueen because I am so deeply in love with the Victorian period and the juxtaposition between the elegant, romantic Victorian period with the gothic and dark elements. I could go on and on and ramble about it, but I absolutely loved his exhibit. It is probably the best thing I’ve seen in London so far in terms of sites and visits. I even bought a cute sketch of one of his iconic looks that I will frame and put in my room so I can remember how inspired I was in that room!

Mkay, I’m a geek I know, but I cannot get over how amazing it was. I couldn’t take pictures, but I’d probably sit in there forever taking pictures if that were an option (so it’s better that I didn’t).

After that I walked around parts of the V&A museum, but I only really looked at the Fashion and Shoe exhibit. I wanted to get out of there and try something else. The Natural History Museum was right next door so I checked that out, however, it was more for kids and had nothing too exciting so I decided to explore more and check out Portabello road.

While going there, I realized that it was better if I probably went during a weekend and everything was closing, but I sort of got lost in Nottinghill. What a pretty place to get lost in. The buildings were very nice and elegant and the streets were clean and quaint. The street that I ended up on was where all of the nice stores were, however they were all closed. I decided to go into Oxfarm, their version of Buffalo Exchange or Goodwill except with a more humanitarian emphasis. I wanted to get something from there since their clothes were pretty nice (I mean we were in a nice area, common).

After that I left, came home, made dinner, worked out, and went to bed. The End [:

DSC_1373 DSC_1374 DSC_1377 DSC_1381 DSC_1383 DSC_1390 DSC_1394


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