I Ate Brunch in a Loo (Whoddathought)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

So, I skipped Saturday because I had work yet again and I didn’t do anything exciting after. But anyways, I woke up with the determination that I was going to be productive! (and also I wanted to sleep in so I woke up at 11am [: ). I also woke up to the sound of rain, rain, and more rain. So the plan I had in my head that involved nice outside markets were obsolete and I had to reconfigure another plan. I decided that I was going to go to a cafe, then the Design Museum, then meet up with Carly to go to the Imperial War Museum.

My first stop was a cafe called the Attendant. It was an old underground loo that has now been turned into a cafe. Surprisingly, it wasn’t crowded and I ordered myself a nice brunch and mocha. They don’t have a kitchen so they have to cook everything in small quarters, i don’t know how they did it but their food was amazing. Their coffee was excellent too; everyone in there that had coffee either got another one or told the baristas that it was the best coffee they’ve ever had.

My next stop was the Design Museum. When I went to purchase a student ticket, I showed the guy my college ID and he looked really confused. He said “this doesn’t have an expiration date on it”. I explained to him that in America, we don’t have expiration dates on our student ID’s because not everyone graduates in 4 years, people have different graduation dates. He didn’t understand and told me that he would do it for me this one time, but I don’t understand how these people don’t get that in different countries, you’re going to have different forms of ID and not everyone is going to have an expiration date -___-. Anyways they really only had two exhibits, the first one was a Camper Exhibit, yenno the shoe (I’m being sarcastic, I had no idea what they were). It was somewhat interesting but I had already seen a shoe exhibit when I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum.

The second exhibit were all nominated designs from around the world. They were designs in technology, fashion, innovation, gaming, architecture, etc. One that really stood out to me was that this guy created a concept to remove all of the plastic trash floating in the ocean but making an 100km inflatable net type thing that would stay in the water for 10 years and collect like 75% of trash in the Atlantic? I don’t really remember the statistics but it was some crazy number like that. You could also vote for the design of the year, the last time they counted was like July 17th and different designs had votes between 100-500. But, this guy’s ocean clean up had over 1100, way above the competition (maybe that’s why they stopped counting because they realized he was going to sweep the competition?) It was an overall cool exhibit, but not really worth they 9.25 pounds I paid to get in, on account of most museums in London are free.

After the Design Museum, I was going to go to the Imperial War Museum but I had to wait until Carly got off. I waited for her at Starbucks and we both go to the museum around 5pm (the museum closes at 6pm). The first floor was all about WWI. We learn about WWI in America, but we don’t really hear it from the perspective of another country (Britain). It was a really interesting exhibit, but the thing that I thought was the most interesting was that Britain was losing a lot of people, so they had to call upon all of their colonies (eyeroll) to fight for them. They called upon people from the Caribbean, South Africa (only the white people could fight while the black people were mules), Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, and all of their other territories. IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH STILL. Maybe that’s why I find it so interesting….Anyways by the time me and Carly reached the end of the exhibit, the museum people were kicking us out because it was closing (I guess we spent a whole hour going through WWI) and we had to leave.

The end [:

The Attendent

The "Attendant"

DSC_1403     DSC_1404


I’m eating in an old urinal (chuckle)

The Camper Exhibit

DSC_1408   DSC_1407

The Designs of 2015

DSC_1412  DSC_1416


Airbag jacket for motorcyclist


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