Goodbye, London

Well, yesterday (Saturday, August 15) was moving day…such a bittersweet moment. So many memories made, skills learned, and life lessons developed. These past 2 months have gone by extremely fast, and while I was very much aiching for it to end, I know I’m going to miss the shit outta London.
This week was spent doing a lot of last minute things. Monday, I had work, and that felt like my last day of normal routine. Tuesday I went to work again, but at night I went with Pally and Paige to a tiki club called Mahiki. We got in for free and was supposed to get free dinner. The promoter that Palky contacted sat us in an individual table for free (which apparently is different than the other times Pally has gone since she had to sit at communal tables). We got free champagne and were waiting for the food to come to us. As food is passed out to the other tables, we are noticing that the waiters aren’t looking at us and ignoring us. After waitresses are picking up the empty plates, we finally ask the promoter where our food was. He said that he would check on it and that we were supposed to get it. He comes back and tells us that the kitchen is closed and that the cooks left, but that we would get more alcohol for the mistake. We were pretty pissed and felt as tho they didn’t give it to us because our table wasn’t as white as the others (I’m Asian, Pally’s Indian and Paige is white). So we ended up leaving right after to actually get food.

Wednesday I had work off, so that was my day to pack and clean. I realized I needed another bag since I had bought a lot of stuff in London (lol sorry Mom) and mom had taken one of my suitcases home with her when she visited. So I went to Oxford Street for the first time to check out the bags. My first stop was getting lunch at this Japanese place me and mom went to when she came here, and then I got boba at my favorite boba spot. I wanted to go to these places one last time before I left. I then checked out the huge Topshop on Oxford. That bitch is 3 floors with everything from a cupcake stand to getting extensions, nails done, coffee, a restaurant, SOS (store-within-store), vintage, independent brands, literally EVERYTHING was compact into this Topshop. I didn’t find a bag there and finally opted for a River Island men’s bag ahah. I wanted to find something small but big, so I can fit it on the plane with me, and something I’d use again. Then I went home to meet up with my roommates for our last dinner. We picked this place called Opium (haha coincidence? Prolly not since I picked it), a cool bar in Chinatown. It had some yummy dim sum and delish cocktails. I got some red bean soup for dessert at another place.

Thursday was interesting. For work I had to drop off some garments at a customer’s house, who happened to live in Hamstead Heath, and discovered a beautiful urban jungle. I didn’t realize green spaces existed in London, but this place was beautiful and the breath of fresh air I needed. It was peaceful and tranquil, I could have stayed there all day if I could (but good thing I didn’t because right when I got on the bus it starred to pour). After work my supervisor, Kristina, brought me to a place called Shake Shack, where they apparently have good shakes, burgers, and fries. I have never heard of it before but I guess it’s American. We met up with our other coworker Charlotte, as part of a goodbye dinner for me. After that I had to go home and pack more.

Friday was my last day of work. I am so grateful to work with such a company (while I was there they just made clothes for their 3rd TV show, Scandal). I learned from an inspiring and powerful woman designer/boss/CEO. We exchanged gifts, they gave me a lovely notebook set from Liberty. After that I went home to packed and cleaned like a maniac. Realizing that I was the only one deeply cleaning, I finally understood why my dad drilled those cleaning skills into my head. People aren’t going to clean and if you want shit done, you just gotta fucking clean it and when you clean you gotta clean that shit good (that’s the lessons I learned from him). Me and Carly tried to go to a Cat Cafe but it was closed for a private event (booooo).

Saturday we had to be out by 10am. I was woken up by someone outside blasting the fuck outta their music at 730am. The morning was chaotic, everyone was last minute cleaning and packing. Our other brilliant roommate had the fucking brilliant idea to cook 30 minutes before we had to be out. Me, Laila, Drea, and Carly were all sad to leave each other. We helped everyone take out the trash, clean the fridge out, and bring their bags downstairs (amazing us 4 out of 5 got along so well!) We gave each other a group hug in the kitchen (mostly bc Carly doesn’t like human touching). Finally, when my Uber pulled up, I gave everyone a huge hug and headed to the Cavenish. Since me and mom stayed here about a month ago, we thought it would be smart if I asked them if they could store my luggage for me while I travel during this week—I will be staying there for a night next week anyways.

After arriving there, I had about 2 hours to kill, so I went to Green Park to bask in the sun and eat my crossiant, and people watch, that’s the best thing. There were a lot of people out, some sitting on the grass like me, some doing boot camp or crossfit or whatever in the shade, and a shit ton of people walking to Buckingham Palace, but hey it’s a Saturday during one of the busiest weeks of tourism. Oh yeah did I mention I was sitting right next to a Bachelorette, or should I say Hen Party, what they call it here. Apparently it’s a super big deal here. They were just having a cute picnic in the park with bubbly (Champange). BY THE WAY, they were all brilliantly dressed as Disney Princesses!!!! It was fantastic. They went all out. The bride-to-be was Elsa, her mom in law or mom (some older matronly figure) was the Fairy Godmother, her maid-of-honor was Maleficient, and there was every Disney princess in attendance with SPOT ON costumes (I’ll upload a picture once I get back to my hotel so check back in on Saturday). They had Anna from Frozen, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, Tinker Bell, Mulan, Merida from Brave, Rapunzel from Tangled, Jasmine, Esmerelda from Hunchback, Megara from Hercules, and I think that’s it. It was quite entertaining.

After I had enough of that, I walked to Buckingham Palace to walk around the pond again, however, this time I saw a bunch of people standing around the entrance as if they were waiting or looking at something. So I waited around, just to see what the commotion was about. Well at about 12-1215, the police yelled at us to get on the sidewalk. Little did I know that the QUEEN OF ENGLAND was making her way to Buckingham Palace. I SAW THE QUEEN OF FUCKING ENGLAND IN HER CAR!!!!! Like my time in London was sealed as complete after that. Later I found out that it was VJ Day, 70 year celebration of when Japan surrendered in WWII. The news said that the Queen rarely comes down from her summer home in (some place in Britain idk) unless it was for a good reason.

Then I was headed to Heathrow, where I got a beer and nachos to wait for my flight to Paris! Once in Pairs i navigated the metro like a pro, finally found my airbnb and visited the Champs Élysées and the Arc de Tríomphe where I got a nice hot baguette to snack on.

I will be adding more pics when I get back to my computer on Saturday so be sure to check back in!!! It’ll better illustrate my posts (:

Just princesses in Green Park, no big deal
Just princesses in Green Park, no big deal
They're having an adult tea party, with Prosecco
They’re having an adult tea party, with Prosecco
She's in there if you zoom in really closely.
She’s in there if you zoom in really closely.
And the amazing Guards
And the amazing Guards
Cute shindigs in the park
Cute shindigs in the park
I guess VJ celebration was today, 70th anniversary of the surrender of Japan in WWII
I guess VJ celebration was today, 70th anniversary of the surrender of Japan in WWII
I spontaneously came during the best day ever
I spontaneously came during the best day ever

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