Amazing Amsterdam

Wednesday, August 19

I successfully navigated myself back to the airport and got on the flight (very late) to Amsterdam. I also successfully got myself from the airport, on a train and walked to my hostel. My hostel in Amsterdam is called The Bulldog, but as I was walking I saw….3 Bulldog facilities. The first one was the Bulldog Coffee Shop, which notoriously is the first coffee shop in Amsterdam, which you can smoke in. Second one was a cafe that serves food, where you can also smoke in. The last one was my hostel, and a bar on the bottom, which you can drink and smoke in.

When I got into my room I met some cool Brit girls who were super enthusiastic to be there. I ended up going to the coffeeshop down the street to you know, have some coffee and stuff and then walked around. I was wondering WHY THERE WAS SO MANY PEOPLE WALKING THE STREETS. It felt like Disneyland, where you couldn’t walk anywhere without being in a hoard of people. I found out that it was SAIL and Canal Festival. I guess Sail happens once every 5 years and is the biggest Maritime Festival in the world. Old sail boats from all over the world come to Amsterdam to show off their antique-style ships, fleet boats (with sailors), and other ships come into port where the sailors off-boat for a few days in Amsterdam, no wonder it’s crazy as hell. I ended up getting some Dutch fries and sat on the pier just watching all of these massive ships go by. The Dutch also seem like a huge boating community, because so many families were out on the water, eating, drinking, and just having a good time.

After a little me-time, I went back to the hostel where I met more girls. One girl, Elle, is from England and she was solo traveling for the first time. I could tell she was a bit nervous to be by herself but she was very sweet and polite. Two other girls from America (New York) were also in the hostel, and they invited us to explore with them. So we got a few drinks and other smokable stuff and just explored the town. I forgot to mention that our hostel is right in the middle of the Red Light District, which is amazing. We walked around this area amazed at the prostitutes. Amsterdam must be the Mecca, Holy Land, for the prostitutes. They have no shame because they worked hard (with all of their plastic surgery and all) to get a coveted spot in the Red Light District. I mean no shame, there’s just families with kids and old people walking around and they’re standing their banging on windows and looking…slutty. After that I went to bed.

Thursday, August 20

I woke up early today because I had booked a 10am canal tour. I got some free breakfast downstairs before heading out. I found this boat tour on TripAdvisor, it was rated #1. However, the tickets were twice as expensive because of the Sail event going on. I booked it because, hey, when am I going to be in Amsterdam next? There was an older couple and two guys from Montreal on the boat (and the tour guide). We went through the Canals and we asked him a lot of questions since he is Dutch and our tour guide. The main part of the tour was going through the Sail festival and seeing all of the big cool boats. it was like a big party on the water. We also saw that they were having a Canal Festival with floating stages and seating areas. It was pretty cool. The only thing that the tour lacked was a tour guide that actually wanted to tell us interesting stuff, not just answer our questions. He sometimes would not even answer my questions…and I’m a very curious person. But it was very relaxing and pretty nonetheless.

For lunch I ate this delicious sandwich from this cute cafe. I went back to my hostel to chill and then my godsister/cousin, Rachel hit me up because she lives in Amsterdam and was back in town! She met up with me at my hostel and we got some coffee and sat by the canal and just talked. That was the first time we’ve really seen each other in about 5 years. And, now that we’re older we can talk and relate at a different level. It was really good seeing her and catching up and just talking to someone so close. It was so easy and fluid, I just love those type of days and conversations. We ended up talking for about 4 hours haha. I went back to my hostel and me and Elle decided to go out. We got some coffee, walked around, ate some fries, looked at prostitutes, and got more coffee.

Amsterdam is absolutely beautiful and has been by far my favorite place. It’s truly unique and unlike any other place in the world. It has a unique character to it that is genuine and historical. I can see why so many foreign people want to move there, it is a GREAT place that I hope to visit sometime soon.

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