Unforgettable 2015




My, has this year been eventful, probably one of the biggest years in my life. I graduated college, lived and worked in London for an internship abroad, and got my first corporate job. So many important lessons learned and knowledge gained, this year will definitely be one for the books.


I started and completed my last semester of my undergraduate career. Graduation was bittersweet because while I wanted the endless papers, studying and projects to end, I didn’t want my time with my peers and time as a young adult to end. But, the time must come, and this May I graduated the Univeristy of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration. Graduation marked the end of my young adult life, and propelled me into the “real world”.


This year, I was very fortunate to land an internship opportunity in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. Number 35 is an established high-fashion women’s workwear in London, who makes top of the line, quality clothing for the working woman. Their clothes have been featured in shows such as The Good Wife and the new show Limitless. I worked under the brilliant designer and CEO of the company, Andrea Cohen, and just tried to be a sponge and absorb everything. Living in London also gave me the opportunity to learn and grow in a different country. It gave me the opportunity to expose myself to other cultures and walks of life. Most importantly it made me grow to a better, more understanding person. I can’t wait for my next travel vacation and I definitely value this amazing opportunity.


I worked 6 different jobs this year.  I guess you could say I’m work bipolar, or you could say I’m working towards my goal. It started in January when I finished my last month at Nike and I was working at Urban Outfitters simultaneously. In February I got a cool internship at theBalm cosmetics, where I learned more about the cosmetic industry and how it is to work at a small business with a large reach. In March, I got my first real job as a Marketing Assistant at The Pet Conceirge. This was a great opportunity for me to learn from an industry I’m super passionate about. I was doing operational stuff and social media for their 5 brands as well as observing and putting on puppy classes. I was working here part time and going to school and still working at Urban. In June, I got an internship in London, where I worked and lived for 2 months. And finally, in November, I got my first (contract) job at Gap! Everything I have worked up to led me to bigger and greater things, and I am so fortunate for the job I’m in now.


Overall this year has been amazing. I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me next.


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