January Recap

January 26



Notice…we actually have snow in the Sierra’s ladies & gentlemen

Well, since my life is seemingly uneventful, I guess I’ll be updating my blog about every month–unless I somehow become more interesting. Hopefully I have some readers who enjoy my lame posts and I definitely can’t wait for my schedule to finally stabilize to the point where I can actually do stuff other than work -_-, which is harder than it looks.

So far, my days have consisted of mostly working. In the beginning of January, I took a trip to Tahoe with first my family and ended with my friends. That was fun on account of, there’s actually snow in the Sierra’s this year. Another fun thing I did this month was my boyfriend’s birthday. His Grandma booked us a hotel in the city so we spent his actual birthday shopping, walking around the city, going to The Hot Tubs (on Van Ness), and eating with friends. Definitely need these little holiday, mini-vacays because man…work is my life, currently.

Now, my day-to-day routines have been pretty basic. Monday’s & Tuesday’s I work at Gap from 9-2pm, go to my mom’s office to kill a few hours, and then work Urban 4 to close (which is usually between 10-11pm). I don’t get home until around 11:30-12am, and by this time I’m exhausted. On Wednesday I work at Gap 9am-2pm and actually have time to work out or do chores. Thursdays, I work remote for Gap, and the time I’m not working is dedicated to my boyfriend, since this is his day off and I barely get to see him during the week due to our busy schedules. Friday & Saturday I usually work at Urban from 10am-6pm and then eat dinner with my family. So, essentially my life is work. work. work. work. NO LIFE (lol).

But I do have exciting news…

Gap has given me more hours!

So far, I’ve been working 2o hours a week, so I have to work at Urban a lot to compensate for the time I’m not working at Gap. But, now that they’re extending my hours from 20 hours a week to 30 hours a week, I can reduce the time I slave away at Urban & focus my time and energy at Gap.

My time here has been such a valuable learning experience. I come to work excited to learn because I’m literally learning something new every day. Some exciting things that I’ve been doing is obviously taking much needed work load off of my amazing mentor, Alex, and really digging deep into the company as a whole. I’ve walked through the Spring mock concept store that resides in another building. Basically each season (or month, practically) they create a cool mock store that shows how the window displays are going to look, how the interior is going to lay down (with signs and product). Hopefully next month we’ll be visiting an actual Factory Store, so we can see how all of our work has transpired to real life.

Another awesome thing that I’ve worked on is the Spring In Store Magazine–and we actually got the printed copy today! My first project that I was given my 2nd week of working here finally came to fruition. The process in creating it was also so helpful. From the initial idea planning meeting, to writing and editing the copy, to seeing it with images, to editing it again with the managers, and finally seeing the physical copy has been such a rewarding process.

I’m sorry this seems so boring, but I guess I just need a diary of my life events. If you’ve made it to this point, THANK YOU. Your attentiveness is much appreciated. If no one has made it to this point than I guess it’s just for me[:

Bye for now!




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