Super (Freaking-Whack) City


My mom is awesome.

So the SuperBowl was this weekend, or whatever. The NFL is disgusting me more and more with this so-called sport. Just another conglomerated corporation judged to rule (more like interrupt) people’s daily lives for the parading week-long celebration. This week and a half of constant Super “whatever” ended with a not-so climatic game of defense & endless punts. The halftime show was cool though, shoutout to Coldplay for making it about love (& support to the LGBT community) and Bey & Bruno making it about Black Lives Matter–you can read about the halftime show “secret meaning” here.

Where am I going with this? Well first, San Francisco (and most of the Bay Area) has been in total preparation “SuperBowl frenzy” than it ever has in my lifetime–I’m sure when the Niner’s were actually good during the golden days it was more lively. This means, Bart is more crowded, the streets are impossible to maneuver, tons of security (who weren’t allowing me to bring my skateboard), and people are total freaking idiots (and RUDE AF). Not to mention that all of this festivities are costing the city $5 million dollars, which only $100,000 will be reimbursed by the NFL, who until last year did not have to pay taxes on their $12 billion dollar net profit (I will post a video down below about this issue if you want more information on it). Not only did it interrupted my work schedule, it affected my commute time and my overall mood.

But enough complaining, there are some good things that came out of San Francisco hosting the SuperBowl. One, you could actually partake in the festivities, which is probably once (or twice) in a lifetime–if you were brave. Two, there were a lot of extra stuff around the city that was happening because of the SuperBowl–i.e. the Alicia Key’s free concert, Metallica concert, LOTS of club appearances by different celebrities wanting to take apart of the 50th SuperBowl, and…well basically…a lot of parties. I should have participated in some of those parties, but on account of time & money and having my personal bubble popped, I opted out.

But…I caved..

Despite my obvious objections to the SuperBowl I did partake in some of the festivities. My mom and I went to SuperCity on the Thursday before the SuperBowl. We literally walked in and walked out because it was so crowded (& probably not even that interesting). The main reason I wanted to take a look on Thursday was because of the Puppy Bowl! I remember watching the first ever Puppy Bowl 12 years ago–one because I’m an animal freak, and two because I was obsessed with Animal Planet & that was the only channel I used to watch, but now it sucks & I’ve changed my viewership obsession to NatGeo Wild where I watch nature shows & the Dog Whisperer. Other than that, we didn’t do anything SuperCity related & ended up going to Gap’s Spring Launch for their new Spring collection (and we got to shop 50% off). There was music and drinks and a Photo Booth, it was just cool to take part in a Gap-related event, I feel so special.

Another “SuperBowl” event that I happened to witness was the amazing firework display on Friday night. My friend wanted to meet at an Alameda spot we call “The Dino’s” to hang out. Little did we know, 15 minutes later the fireworks would go off & we had the perfect view. Two sets of fireworks were going off in sync, one seemed to be by ATT Park and the other was by Treasure Island. It was so cool because in between the two sets of fireworks was the lit up Bay Bridge. *Falls in love with the Bay Area more & more*.

Finally, after everyone was going to clubs & watching performers like Pharell, I decided to partake in the events that the SuperBowl brought to the Bay Area…and that was SuperCity EDM festival at the Coliseum. I went with my besties and we had a really good time. Funny that it was going on the same time the Warriors were playing at Oracle, which my mom happened to be attending as well. So I met up with her after the game and we walked home together.

So in short…

While I had some obvious objections to the SuperBowl, it ended up being not that bad. I saw my friends, hung out with my mom, lived my childhood dream and saw the Puppy Bowl in real life, and ended it with anti-climatic SuperBowl *whan whan whaaaaaan*. But whatever, let’s be real, Marshawn Lynch was the real winner of this season. Read his article here.

Here some pics of my festivities:


The Trio, MVM, Wolfpack REUNITE



MW^2 (that is em double-you squared)

*One more note:

I will be posting more than just my daily life on the blog now. I have decided I just have so many thoughts and so many opinions. With that said…I will be “launching” something other than “A Day in the Life…”. I haven’t quite brainstormed everything, but I want it to be more than just what’s going on in my daily life. I want it to be centered in what’s going on in my head. I also want my blog to be something more than just “oh this is what I’m doing and read it if you want”. I want my blog to be compelling, though-provoking, interesting, and of some value to readers. When I decide what this idea will be I’ll make an official “launch”.


Below is the video I was talking about if you were interested:

San Francisco Super Bowl's Super Bill

Is Super Bowl 50 screwing San Francisco?

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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