Spring Feverrrrr

Spring, spring…why I fucking love you. If you can’t tell spring is my favorite season. The temperature is perfect—there are warm days, rainy days, stormy days, beautiful days—the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, and days get longer, I could go on and on. The most amazing thing about this season is how beautiful nature becomes. The hibernating animals come out with their babies, plants and trees bloom bright, vibrant colors, the sun shines with a purpose, and the air feels so much more crisp & fresh.

I sound like a corny sap, but I love spring. The vibe and appreciation I feel from the visible new life uplifts my mood and gives me (literally) life.

I’ve always loved spring, maybe because I have a huge appreciation for nature, but also because it means my birthday is coming up! March 14th y’all, don’t forget. Funny, I was supposed to be born on the first day of spring, March 21, but I was born a little early.

Anyways–an update about my life: I am doing well at Gap, my mentor is trying to help me hopefully get full-time! That is such great news, knowing that I have someone who believes in me and wants to see me succeed. Yesterday we went to the Livermore outlets to do a store visit. Here, we went to an actual Gap Factory store where we see all of our hard work actually transcribed to real life. It’s amazing to see the projects I’ve worked on become actual in-store signage. After, we walked around the mall, getting inspiration from other stores & promotion. After that I went to San Ramon to look after my baby, Carl. He’s been sick all week and finally yesterday, he actually began eating like normal. He hated when I took all these pictures with him, but wtv I’m obsessed with pink cherry blossoms (my favorite part of the season, so sad it only lasts a few weeks).


Spring is also a fav because I’m obsessed with spring fashion. Lighter layers, pastel colors, & FLORAL PRINTS! I’ve been super obsessed with baby pink & floral prints lately. My wardrobe mostly consists of black, but when it’s spring I love to incorporate a bright baby pink bomber or a new bold floral jacket over my all black outfit. I’ve also been really diggin Asian silhouettes and prints. I mean, I am Asian, why not take full advantage of my heritage & express the love of my culture through my clothing. That’s what fashion is about, expressing who you really are through your clothes. Take a look of my current obsessions and outfit choices.


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