March Recap

March 31, 2016

Well, it’s the last day of my favorite month (when I wrote this, not when it’s published lol) & it was an actual good one. So this whole “adult” thing/life is interesting to get used to. I no longer have the stress of constant school work, which is really nice & I’m still not that used to it. I have an adult-day job & a night-teen/young adult job, so I’m getting the best of both worlds. I actually have to schedule time to hang out with friends to catch up with life, which until now I didn’t really understand why adults did that. So–moral of the story–I’m entering into the early stages of adulthood (cue the ewwwww).

Granted, I don’t want to grow up & be OLDDDD but who does (ahah). My youthfulness is precious (and makes me unique) in this world of adults and I’m having a hard time letting it go. Nonetheless it must happen and it only gets worse…just kidding. I realize that I’m at the most prime stage of my life: your 20’s can and should be the best time of your life. SO, my goal is to travel & live every moment with energy and excitement. I want to take every opportunity & just live without limits. This is the time, I need to do it now. Wow I went really off track to what I planned this blog post to be about, but whatever it’s my own personal narrative on life so I hope if you’re reading you enjoy the little romanticized dream rants I go on…

So here’s what I did this month:

  • Hung out with friends for the first time in forever. I’ve been dwelling in my cave for a while, mostly because prior to this month, I’ve worked almost 7 days a week. But now I have the weekends off, which means more time to live, which means more time to hang out with friends. Plus I have the bestiest friends, who took me out on my birthday. It’s crazy to realize who your real friends are after college…the one’s that stay in your life & make the same amount of effort you are to ketchup.
  • Spring SKIIIIIING with my close homie, Nick! It was our second time this season going up for a day trip. We went to Squaw which was cool, but it was so freaking hot and crowded. Spring skiing is alright but never ideal.
  • My beautiful cousin, Margo GOT MARRIED! So cute that the wedding planner, who’s planned over 100 weddings, got married at the venue where she plans other people’s weddings. Up in the Santa Cruz mountains, it poured heavily that day, so that meant a lot of mud & umbrellas galore. But hey, that means good luck right?
  • It was my birthdaaaaay! Me and my boyfriend hung out in the city and my brother was back for Spring break so we were able to have a family dinner. Other than that my bday was very uneventful LOL (psh, bc who cares about turning 23).
  • Warriors games & concerts are always fun to attend. Little Simz, a female rapper from the UK, had her first tour in America (& btw she’s amazing).
  • Celebrated 8 years with the biggest pain in the world (just kidding).
  • GAPDATE, I wrote the Summer In Store Magazine this month. This process was a lot different than the other. For Spring, the magazine was basically a rough draft that I had to edit, create titles for and write in the “Gap” voice. However, this time I actually wrote the whole thing. We had a meeting where we all decided how the magazine was going to read from front page to back based off of the pictures from the shoot and the flow of products going each month. After the pagination/idea meeting, I then had to write from scratch the whole 30 page magazine. Based only off of merchant notes and pictures, I was able to craft this magazine that I am super excited about! I will post a video when it is finally published but I can’t wait to show y’all what I’ve been working on.

Yep, so that’s is so far of what my month consisted of. I’m really excited for this year and can’t wait for what’s to come!




It was super muddy out, so the bride came prepared!


My breakfast brunch, accompanied by spiked tea.



Spent the majority of my birthday in Japantown



Me & Karen caught up at Cholita Linda, and then went to an art show that was way too hipster [:


I’ve always wanted to be a powerpuff girl.


My frans Jessica & Bekah dragging me out of my cave for once.