April Showers (Recap)

May 3, 2016

So last month was April, and it was pretty blehhh. I mean I did some fun stuff but at the same time, I’m realizing how mundane work/adult life really is. A 9 to 5, is that really how I want to live my life for the next 40 years?!? How do you adults do this? My little “Adult Odyssey” is giving me a real dose of reality and putting into question if I actually want to live my life like this.

This might be one of the reasons why work culture is changing. There is a huge shift from a strict work life to a work/life balance lifestyle. I can see why now companies are changing the way they view the relationship between work/life & how there needs to a be a happy medium to cultivate happiness & productivity. While Gap doesn’t have much of the perks that, say, huge Tech companies like Google, Facebook or even LinkedIn have, they still have a very laid back view on work culture–which is amazing.

I constantly have to pinch myself realizing how lucky I am to get such an awesome job. There are a lot of recent graduates that don’t even get a first job of their choice let alone a job they went to school for. The things that I’m doing now are creating better opportunities for me in the future, and I’m just so blessed.

Anyways, last month’s recap worked for me, so I will bullet away to what I did this month:

  • VISITED MY BRADDA IN CHICO FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. He actually wanted to see and hang out with me, what a difference! I met his chill roomies and his chill friends and we went out for a few nights. It was Caesar Chavez weekend, so I guess a lot of parties were happening. He took me to Bear Hole (?) on Saturday, where we went swimming and hung out and looked at nature and hung out. He took me to his favorite places to eat and his favorite bars. Overall it was a great weekend, and I very much approve of his quaint little college town.
  • Went to NYC to see family. My mom & brother went to NY to celebrate my cousin’s First Communion. They live in NJ and we went to spend time with family we rarely see. It was a nice little getaway and I’m very glad I got to see family.
  • The Bay Area has the best sports teams. Warriors are in the playoffs (obviously) & it’s an even year for the Giant’s, the Sharks are (also) in the playoffs, lets just say it’s a good year to be a Bay Area fan. I was lucky enough to see the Warriors play in the playoffs against a team that is irrelevant (Houston Rockets). I also saw the Giant’s in their opening week. I love attending sports games–you can thank my fanatic parents.
  • I SAW MY FAVORITE GROUP IN CONCERT: Flatbush Zombies, oh how I love you. They are my favorite rap group, favorite performers, and overall exceed the sound, performance, and passion expectations I hold for artists and music in general. I think I just relate to their sound & what they stand for, and their concert was just amazing. Congrats guys, I can’t believe I’ve been following you since your first song made its way into the underground rap scene, & now you’re touring nationally & internationally on your first debut album…nothing but love.
  • The physical copies of Gap Factory’s Summer In Store Magazine came in! This is the project I was most excited to see. Like I said earlier, I basically wrote everything in this magazine, with the help of my mentor. I have such a good time writing it and I can’t wait till it’s time to work on the fall in store magazine project.
  • I moved desks, from my where my team (the creative team) works to an area by the marketing team. I’m where everyone can see me, all the time, right by the kitchen. The lady’s desk I was sitting at before just came back from her 6 month maternity leave, and now I have to move since that’s her desk. There are pro’s and con’s to this desk: the con’s are that it’s right near the kitchen so I hear everyone, people walk by my desk all the time because it’s also right by the stairs, it’s in the front so people can see what I’m doing, and I’m away from the team I’ve become so close to. The pro’s are, I’m right by the kitchen so I don’t have to walk that far to refill my water or heat up my food, and I’m by a whole other marketing team who I get to become close to & learn from. I always have to see the light in situations, I’m just not very good at it 😛

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have a more interesting month in May!


The boys at Bear Hole, Chico

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Time Square, New York, New York @ 2am in the morning


My beautiful family in New Jersey!