May Flowers (Recap)

May, May, May you were quite boring. Don’t be surprised if this blog post is bleh, but I have to keep up with my month recaps so bare with me.

My general psych has been pretty bleak. I mean, all I do all day is sit in a cubical and do work, I know I complained about this last month, but it seriously it’s killing my mojo. Not to mention I don’t really have a place on my own where I can collect my thoughts and reconvene with friends or do what I want. That is the main goal right now: MOVE OUT. I have so much ambition, so many things I want to achieve and do with my life in order to be happy. I just need a vacation badly because normal life/adult life kinda sucks.

All I do is work, and my drive to be successful is more important to me than anything right now. I’m having a hard time balancing my work life with my social life and I can see it weighing on me. I definitely need to go out and do kid/young adult stuff because, I mean, this is the only time I’m going to be young, I might as well live it.

So anyways here’s what the month of may looked like:

  • BAY AREA SPORTS: May is like the pinnacle month of our sport’s teams. The Giant’s are doing very well, the A’s (I’m not sure bc I don’t follow them), the Warrior’s are in the Championships and the Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history! What a good time to be a Bay Area fan. What I’ve noticed though, the success of the Bay Area teams is in direct correlation with how well our economy is doing in this area. I’ve also noticed that the fans that attend these playoff/championship games are bandwagon millionaire fans who are the only people that can afford the tickets. Peeshaw. I saw the Giant’s game with Mom & Dad for Mother’s Day, then with my bff Karen for USF night the next night LOL.
  • CONCERTS: This looks like a theme for me. Except this time I went with my lil bro to Disclosure for some good ‘ol siblings bonding time. It was fun…RIGHT PAT!?! NOW I’VE GOT YOU IN MY SPACE, I WON’T LET GO OF YOUUUUU!
  • Applied & approved for my first credit card: I learned what my credit score was and applied for my first Chase Freedom card so I can start earning points towards a Chase Sapphire card, which I don’t want to purchase yet since I don’t spend a lot and I don’t want a card with an annual fee. Ugh, I’m adulting.
  • Quit my job @ Urban!!!!!: It was a long time comin’, but I finally pulled the plug. I was getting home around 12:30, 1am some nights and that was not helping my health and overall wellbeing at all. Retail works you like slaves for meager pay!! But…no more discount 😥 I will miss the friends I’ve made there, especially because I’ve been working there since August of 2014, but hey–you’ve gotta leave the bird’s nest one of these days.
  • Spent quality time with Carl because I’ve missed my bpfl (best pal for life). We did some fun stuff like went hiking and wrestled and ran around and chased squirrels and wabbits. Mind you, I did this stuff too.

Yep, that’s it for May….like I said BORING. Whatever, it’s summer now so hopefully I’ll get into more fun things, like summer stuff.





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