June Recap

Ok ok, another boring month. Can you believe half of 2016 is already gone?! What am I doing with my life for it to go by so fast (and slow at the same time). The answer is working. Working. Working. Working. Do I try to do more than work? Yes, however it is proving to be pretty damn difficult. I have very little friends who are in the same area, I don’t really drive bc Oakland parking is ridiculous & if I get a ticket it’s usually around $80, which is also ridiculous. I’m making excuses now but June has been pretty uneventful for me and all I wanna do is go out in the world and explore and make memories and have experiences and LIVE LIFE.

Ok, I love to complain on here about working, but I shouldn’t. I’m working at a very good company (who recently has been hit with hard times, but most of the retail industry has) and I like it here. Some people don’t even get their dream jobs or what they went to school for, so I need to suck it up and work…even though it pains me so. That’s all I can talk about anyways until I get my vacation (First week of August, can you not come any faster?!).

Here’s what I did in June:

  • Cried when GSW + Sharks lost…can you believe we freaking lost?! We jinxed it yo, we lost both when we were SOOOOO CLOSE. Sharks were just not the same in the Stanley Cup as they were in the previous post season games. They lacked all of the drive that a team needs to succeed in the finals & truth be told they just were out played. GSW, do not get me started. First off, Steph was just not the same in the post season after his two injuries, that was very apparent and all the haters out there in the world can say that’s an excuse but that’s the truth. Second off, Lebron is NOT my favorite player. Yeah he does all that he can to win, but that also includes bad-mouthing the refs (which Steph & Draymond would have gotten fined for), fakes his injuries, and does all this extra shit that Michael Jordan, Kobe and other old school, legendary players would not do. Lebron has talent, but his extra-ness, flopping shenanigans is neither admirable nor credible. He has extreme favor with the NBA top officials, meaning, he makes them the most money & so of course they’re going to protect their money-making baby. To my next point–these refs sucked. Bad calls all around. How are you gonna say that you’re going to “let them play” & just decide which calls to call a foul? I don’t understand and I don’t agree with the NBA’s stupid politics. I should just quit watching professional sports because the NFL (my previous love) is letting me down with their corrupt shit, the NBA is looking like shit is fixed, and the MLB is just boring as fuck so what am I left with?! I’ll try bowling or curling next time bc there’s no way that shit is fixed.
  • Concertssss aka my favorite thing: So this month I had 3 concerts planned, but I only went to 2. The first, Smoker’s Club, is a tour with a lot of different artists that have one thing in common–they all love to rap about marijuana. Which is fine, I basically only went to see The Underachievers. The other performers were whack, and UA only played for like 5 songs bc stupid, drunk white f***boys in the crowd started to say “WEST COAST” every time UA would say “BEAST COAST” (they’re rap movement they have with other rappers from NY). White ppl always gotta ruin everything. The next concert I went to was Summer Jam! Hell yaaaaaa, it was so fun. I finally saw my love Kehlani perform but she only performed for like 3 songs. The other performers were cool but I don’t remember too much tbh. Oh yeah, I lost my phone during the concert but after I activated “Lost my iPhone mode” some nice guys contacted my friend after the concert and gave it back to me (there are still nice ppl in the world!). The last concert I was supposed to go to was Kamaiyah, a local Oakland rapper who has finally made it big in the industry. She was to perform at my favorite venue, the New Parish in Oakland! So, since this was her hometown and she just recently popped off (even tho I’ve been following her for a good minute) the line to get in the venue was LONG. Mind you I’ve been to this venue at least 5 times and I’ve never seen it this crowded. I met up with my friend Kia, who knows Kamaiyah from Elementary school, but she couldn’t even get in. After an hour of waiting in line and no signs of moving, I finally said lets go (since the venue was going to be packed to the brim anyways) and we left to go hang out with our friends at a bar. On the bright side, YG brought out Kamaiyah during Summer Jam, so I was able to see her for 2 songs that night.
  • California Primary, Presidential election mumboshmumbo: So, June 4th was the primary to pick our presidential candidate. Me being a millennial and actually educated about the world and our problems as a country, believe Bernie is the most trustworthy and qualified candidate. HOWEVER, hours before 6 states (I believe) were to vote, AP and other news outlets decided (conveniently) to declare Hilary as the presumption nominee for the democrats. Mind you, this was HOURS before a huge primary AND the democratic party did not even declare her a winner. They based it off of how many super dels pledged their vote to her (they don’t even freaking vote until July so there shouldn’t be a reason why the news outlets reported this news anyways) AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN WAIT FOR THE BIGGEST PRIMARY TO TAKE PLACE. Ugh it frustrated me so much because people who aren’t as educated about our corrupt news agencies and our election may have seen that news and were either dissuaded to vote or voted for Hillary because their vote for Bernie wouldn’t have mattered anyways. He lost California but won two other states. I’m just so disgusted with this whole political race, I can’t even be proud to be an American anymore (and I’m serious about that). Hillary is the lesser evil against Trump but is she really a good candidate to run the country?! FUCK NO. Let me just cry and wallow in my sorrows about how baby boomers fucked up and still continue to fuck up millennial’s lives and the future of our world.
  • Giant’s game: This past week, Battle of the Bay, in SF, in the suite, with my friends, and my family. Probably the last time I’ll be in the suites since my dad doesn’t have the tickets anymore 😥
  • Carl time: We’re just the bestest of friends
  • Three words–GAME OF THRONES: Ok, so this season was the first season that I actually watched the season when it premiered. I spent all last summer binge watching and getting up to date on the best series on television. Let me tell you, I LOVE GOT AND I WISH THERE WERE MORE SERIES ON TV LIKE IT AND I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR BC THIS SEASON FINALE WAS EPIC AND I ALMOST PASSED OUT BC ALL THE SHIT THAT HAPPENED AND IT’S GETTING SO GOOD OMG. Now I have to wait 10 more months until it comes back on TV again…what will I do with my life?!

That’s it thanks for reading if you actually read till the end and don’t get bored of my weird/opinionated mind.


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