July Recap

August 16

Well, I’m late. Within good reason, though. The first week of August, I was in Hawaii and had no time to update my blog, cos I mean, I was sitting on the beach enjoying life…But now, sadly, I am back to the great ol San Francisco Bay, where Karl loves to just loom over for hours and give us no sunlight. Not to mention, I’m back to work, to my daily routine of going to work & hating life. Just kidding. Although, going to a beautiful place like Hawaii does give me an outlook of what I can be doing with my life and what I’m actually doing. Maybe one day…

Anyways, July was a cool Summer month, and in cool I mean actually cool as in chilly. I don’t mind tho because I hate really hot days, especially in the Bay. Hot days in the Bay just remind me of how how the earth is getting & the fact that we’re not getting heat waves makes me feel a tad bit better, even though I know the rest of the world is (sooooo, it just gives me a little reassurance that we’re not affected by it directly). I don’t really know what the point of this was, I guess I’m supposed to be talking about my month so here it goes:

  • 4th of July – My first successful 4th of July! Like really, I haven’t really done anything  too out of the ordinary, but this one felt distinctively special. Most of my friends are back from college, and this year we decided to plan a BBQ super last minute. We went shopping, invited everyone, and headed out in the morning to stake out a nice spot. We got lucky on Bayfarm, at a spot right by the water. The boys started BBQing (some nice lighter fluid hamburger patties and hotdogs) while others trickled in as time went by. We had whiffle ball, soccer ball and a football, as well as cards and music. We just ate, talked, drank and all caught up. It felt like high school all over again, except we were all older. It’s like when you watch Rugrats “All Grown Up”. We didn’t end up watching the fireworks, because everyone was tired from day drinking, sitting in the sun and not to mention we got there at 11 so most of us had been out for 8 hours.
  • Pokemon Go – The craze that is currently taking over the world right now started at the beginning of the month. This has inevitably taken over my life & I’m now going around at 10pm at night in random parks to try and catch rare pokemon. Mom has even gotten into it as well as all of my friends. It’s fun, but not fun at the same time, but it gives us something to do during the summer.
  • Santa Cruz – Since I was supposed to go away for 4th of July that didn’t end up happening, I wanted to have one weekend dedicated to doing summer things. JM & I ended up going to Santa Cruz for the day–we ate sandwiches, checked into our Airbnb, went shopping & prepared for our night activities. The one day I happen to be in Santa Cruz, my uncle was preforming his script-read play in a theater near by. So, I went to go support him in his play about the author (Iris Chang) who wrote the Rape of Nanking and the toll the horrific genocide took on her life. It was so profound & I couldn’t wait to do my own research about the event. The main reason we went to Santa Cruz was so we could watch Leilani Wolfgramm, one of my favorite reggae artist, perform at the Catalyst. This was my first time at this venue as well and I couldn’t wait to see her. As we got in there, we were in awe of how awesome this venue actually was. There were two bars on either side that overlooked the stage and the main floor where people stood. As we were waiting for her to perform, I saw that the time was later and later. Well, turns out we were watching Steel Pulse perform & Leilani was in a different room performing. I was very upset I didn’t get to see her, but it wasn’t all bad because Steel Pulse put on a legendary performance.

The end.


Hello Kitty day at the Giant’s game: July 10.


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