1 Day in Da Nang

Oct 17, 2017

For our last day in Hoi An, I ate scrambled eggs once again. I’ve found a trick to get the best eggs from our buffet at Vietnam Backpackers Hostel: ask for when they’re going to be refilled and wait until they refill them to get the freshest batch. Of course it took me 4 days to realize this, but hey, better late than never. We had to check out today, I mean we better because we’ve been here for too long already.

After packing and organizing our all inclusive trip to Ninhvana (what kind of backpackers are we damnit), we called a car to take us to our next destination: Barney’s Hostel in Da Nang. When I was looking through business cards at the hostel, this one was there, staring at me. Liv had also mentioned that it was the best rated/best looking hostel on HostelWorld, so we all booked it the night before to ensure we all could get a room.

We said goodbye to Toby & Max and headed to Da Nang. We were told it would be like a 45 minute drive from Hoi An to Da Nang, but it was really, really quick. Like basically a half hour if that. We arrived around 1:15pm, and even though check in was at 2pm, they were able to accommodate all 8 of us with no problem. The ladies at the front desk were so friendly and helpful (and spoke really good English, probably the best English I’ve encountered so far in Vietnam), they were able to book us a sleeper bus to Nha Trang so seamlessly. The first thing I noticed about this hostel was that it was very cozy, yet modern and inviting. The best part is that the rooms are How I Met Your Mother themed. The staff was nice enough to put me, Liv, Ida and Sam in a room, we’d all booked separately, and we got the Marshall room (yessss). It’s so funny because they have pictures of the show/quotes all around room. The room’s also the niceset room I think I’ve been in so far. The beds are wide and comfy, bathrooms clean and modern looking, and they even have a mini fridge!! It felt more like a bedroom/dorm from a college back home than a hostel. They even have a rooftop that has a great view of the river and beautiful bridges (it looks so cool at night since everything is lit up and the lights reflect off the water).

We were all really hungry, and the sweet ladies downstairs gave us a whole list of cheap, delicious local food that we could go to. Unfortunately, we were too hungry and these places were a little far away so we just opted for the Mi Quang place right next door. Mi Quang is a dish popular to the region, it’s basically wide rice noodles and meat/veggies with some good sauce. I’m not a 100% sure what the sauce is made from, but it tastes like garlic, fish sauce, a little chili and some soy sauce (this one even had peanuts in it, which gave it the perfect crunch). It was cheap, fast, and delicious and we were all really satisfied (did I mention it was right next door, so I could still use the wifi from the hostel in the restaurant).

Josh and Charlie went off on their own to site see while the rest of us wanted to have a beach day. We had to stop at the mall before heading to the beach because some of us had to withdraw money from the ATM there (the ladies at the hostel gave us a really good recommendation to go there, there were no ATM fees and we were able to get a lot of money out, something rare in Vietnam). But, while at the mall we got a little sidetrack and we shopped/ate spending a good 1-2 hours there, oops.

We then made our way to the beach, which was a 30 minute walk. By this time it was about 430pm, and we only had an hour or so left of daylight (even though it was already overcast). The beach was amazing. The sand was the perfect yellow, the water was warm and great for swimming (if you stay in the designated swimming areas). Anything outside the designated swimming area the rip curl gets a little too strong for most people. Sam and I were trying to find the best waves to body surf on but they were far and few between. It was still a pretty successful beach day I would have to say, even though we were only there for an hour before the sun went down.

We walked back to the mall where we ran into Charlie and Josh. We wanted to eat there because they had a pretty good food court. I got some amazing pepper steak and corn, it reminded me of Pepper Lunch, a restaurant we have back at home where the beef comes out raw but the hot stone cooks it for you while you stir everything together. I was very impressed with my dinner and really glad I got that. Jolliebee is also in the same complex but I decided I would save that for the next day for lunch (Jolliebee is MY FAV, but I checked their menu and they don’t have gravy or halo halo like back at home, but hey you can’t have everything).

After dinner we came back to our hostel, the mall is only like a 15 minute walk. Everyone was pretty dead and didn’t want to go out. I wanted to work on my blog since it takes a really long time for me to write. I enjoyed the lovely rooftop where I was able to admire the lights and river. The others caught up on their shows and reading, FaceTiming, etc. 

This is probably one of the best hostels we’ve stayed at so far. Not just because the facilities are so nice, or the views are great, but the staff is also incredible. If you’re ever in Da Nang and you’re not sure where to stay, I would definitely recommend  Barney Hostel. It’s affordable but upscale at the same time. And I can’t stress enough how amazing the staff is!!

I need to go to bed now, since I’ve been trying to blog for almost 4 hours now (the rest of Hoi An/Hue will be up probably tomorrow if not the next day, I’m getting so behind and procrastinating it’s actually so bad). But please feel free to ask me any questions if you’ve been following thus far. I’d be happy to recommend places and tell you more about my experience (not like I haven’t gone into so much detail already). So stay tuned for that next really long blog post and stay tuned for the next episode of MELISSA’S SOUTHEAST ASIA BACKPACKING ADVENTURE!


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