Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ninhvana, Dalat, Saigon

Oct 18, 2017

So, my nice little blog post about Da Nang and the hostel gave me a night at Barney’s for free! I know my blog isn’t like a real travel blog, more like a journal blog for myself & others who are interested, but I guess it worked in my favor this time. For breakfast, some of us got the delish Mi Quang from next door (because EFF EGGS AT THIS POINT). I’m not sure of what the concept of breakfast is in Vietnam (or Asia in general). Local little restaurants seem to open by 8am and close by 10pm sometimes 12am. I don’t think there’s a lot of things that are quintessential breakfast, you kind of just eat whatever you want at all times of the day (I could be totally wrong here, but that’s what it seems from my observation).

Sam & Liv left early to take the train, the rest of us were taking a night bus to Nha Trang that wouldn’t leave until 4-5pm, so we had a little more time to explore Da Nang. We made our own walking tour and went over a cool bridge type thing, then to a market. The market was pretty cool, there was a shit ton jammed-pack into one building. The vendors are very aggressive but you just have to either ignore them or politely decline. If you show any inkling of interest, they’re on you like vultures. I got some pasalubongs (Tagalog word for souvenirs) and a really cute sushi shirt.

We walked back to the mall to get some essentials (and Jolliebee hehehehe). I got my usual spicy chickenjoy. The menu was a bit different since they didn’t have gravy (what am I supposed to dip my fried chicken in???) but it was still good, nonetheless. After the mall, we headed back to the hostel to wait for our bus. I worked on my blog for the majority of the time until the shuttle picked us up to take us to the bus.

The bus picked us up at a random side of the road. The schedule said that it would pick us up at 6pm and drop us off at 5am. It was just like any other night bus we’ve taken, except this time the TVs that usually aren’t on were playing some Vietnamese version of X Factor or something where performers sing and dance in front of an audience. I couldn’t really figure out what was going on. It was cool for like 20 minutes, but then it started to get annoying. Not because it was a Vietnamese show, but because they were BLASTING the music/videos so loud I couldn’t even drown it out on my headphones. I did more work on my blog until we got to our halfway point, which usually means food. I got some chao or rice porridge, but it was pretty watery and not that flavorful. I also thought it was a little more pricey than normal food, but hey you gotta pick and choose your battles.

We got back on the bus, where I played some of my DS again. I then popped 1 of my last 2 Valiums and fell fast asleep.

Oct 19, 2017

I was woken up by Mike around 3am, telling me that we were in Nha Trang and that we had to get off the bus. Exhausted and still trying to wake up, I hurried and got my stuff and got out of the bus. All of our stuff were waiting for us on the ground and we were all really confused. The time table on the schedule said that we were supposed to get to Nha Trang at 5am, which then we were going to head to Ice Coffee, where our shuttle for Ninhvana would pick us up at 8:30am. But now we were stranded at 3am in the morning in a town we haven’t been in before with no where to go.

We put our stuff in a cab and told him to take us to the Ice Coffee place, where we would hopefully find a place that’s open, like a hotel lobby or late night restaurant that would allow us to hang out there until the Ice Coffee place opened. The cab driver took us to the place where we told him, he saw that it was closed and kept driving. We came to this corner where there was an outdoor bar and food, where he decided to pullover. We walked over there, hoping they’d have wifi or could help us in any way. I asked the guy what time they closed and he responded “uhh like 6 o’clock in the morning.” Perfect, we thought. There was music playing, a lot of people outside. I ordered a pineapple and vodka, because…why not we’re stuck in this fucked up situation already, might as well enjoy it.

I was with Charlie, Josh, and Hannah. Mike, Ida, and Sean had taken another taxi and we tried to get wifi to contact them to tell them where we were at. After our drinks arrived we heard a scuffle and all of a sudden, these two boys were fighting in front of us, knocking over tables and creating a lot of noise. All I was worried about was the newly opened beer bottles sitting on the table in front of where they were fighting because, you know, priorities. So I grabbed those while Charlie screamed for me to get out of the way. It took like 8 dudes to finally break them up. All I know was that there were like 20 Russians and one non Russian, and one of the Russians were fighting the non Russian and it was messy. I think the non Russian had a switch because there were a few dudes bleeding with cut wounds. One of the Russian girls asked for vodka (because I guess if they poor vodka on it is all good). The Vietnamese bar owners were obviously fed up with it at this point. They apologized to us and turned off the music and everything. They stopped selling the Russians alcohol and looked like they were closing. I think they just wanted them to leave so that things didn’t escalate. 

Anyways, Mike, Ida and Sean (our new friend from the UK) finally found us like 15 minutes later. We all enjoyed some beers & cocktails. We played music off of our speaker, we were the only people at the bar basically since they kicked out all the Russians (side note: Nha Trang is full of Russians. All the signs are in Vietnamese and Russian. I guess Nha Trang is the only destination where there’s a direct flight from Russia to Vietnam).  So we basically chilled at this little outdoor bar for 3 hours, watched the sun go up, until they closed around 6am. We then walked to the Ice Coffee place where there were others who were waiting for the bus to Ninhvana, but their bus dropped them off at 5:30am. I ordered a matcha latte and spring rolls for breakfast whilst finally finishing my blog!!!

Liv and Sam met us right before the shuttle to Ninhvana came around 8:30am. I slept the whole way there because I was exhausted. Ninhvana is basically this all inclusive resort ran by Vietnam Backpackers Hostel, the chain of hostels we’ve stayed at in Hanoi, Hue, and Hoi An so far. It’s $100 for 2 nights that includes all you can drink booze (but they don’t give shots or doubles, it’s only one mixed drink), activities like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, bicycle tours, yoga, and trekking, meals at specific times, free laundry service, and 1 spa treatment per day. They’re located in a small rural town of Ninh Van (that has no other tourist establishment other than Ninhvana).

Once there, we were all finally energized to start this amazing 2 days in paradise. For backpackers, this was an amazing place to be. We signed up for all of our activities: 1 manicure & bike tour for today, 7am stand up paddle boarding & 10am massages for the next day. I was also excited to workout because I’ve been reallly bad and haven’t worked out at all since Luang Prabang. It’s been really hard being with a group and always wanting to socialize or go out and do stuff. Anyways, we got some drinks, hung out by the beach. For lunch, they had a variety of really good food, some of the best we’ve had so far.

Our bicycle tour was a 3pm and it was me, Hannah, Charlie, Mike and Josh. We visited some local sites, one of was a shrine for 14 of the locals who died during the Vietnam war. Apparently this area was apart of the Ho Chi Minh trail, where a lot of weapons and ammunition was brought through the area. News got to the Americans that this ship was carrying weapons, and the American side was that it was shot and sunk, the Vietnamese version was that they all committed suicide. Anyways, since this town is so small, there’s a pretty big shrine on the side of the cliff to remember the soldiers. At night it’s lit up because they believe if you die at sea your soul is lost, so the light helps them return to their final resting place. It was really interesting to see all the care that they put into this shrine for only 14 people, but this community is very small so it makes sense that they would put so much effort into maintaining this shrine.

We cycled past schools and docks. We spoke to school kids and got local drip Vietnamese coffee at a makeshift “cafe”. Once we got coffee it started to pour down rain, none of us wanted to get back on those bikes haha. We were stalling for a long time, hoping that the rain would lighten up or stop, but it didn’t. So we just said fuck it and rode in the pouring rain. Our tour guide wanted to bring us to one more place, but it wasn’t even that interesting because we were all wet and couldn’t see/wanted to be there. So we got back to the resort, soaked and cold.

Since my only clothes I didn’t put in the wash were soaked, it was difficult to find clothes for yoga, my next activity. Since it was raining, we did it in the dining hall (that they don’t seem to use). There were a shit ton of people doing yoga today, and embarrassingly it was my first time ever doing it. Since there were so many people (guys included) we did a yen yoga. More of a relaxing, less strenuous yoga. It was so relaxing that I fell asleep for a good 10 minutes LOL (we had a long day ok?) and I really actually enjoyed it. 

After yoga it was dinner time, and it was yet another delicious meal (all I remember is there being a HUGE tub of gravy…that’s all I really cared about was the gravy). I kept going back and getting more things I could eat the gravy with, like bread and mash potatoes (carbs yay). But the food was SO GOOD. My drink of that night was gin with ginger beer and lime. We did another pub quiz (yay another one *eye roll*) and you’d think we’d be good at this by this point but we’re not. Our two teams got the lowest scores, but our team name “Smells like Vietnamese Spirit” (play off of Nirvana’s song, yenno bc the place is called Ninhvana) won best team name and we got free shots. The rest of the night comprised of trying to get drunk, dancing, and having a grand ol time. You’d think we would crash early since we barely had a night of sleep, but we didn’t and partied until 1am haha.

Oct 20, 2017

We were so smart and signed up for a 7am stand up paddle board time slot. There are only 4 slots and only 3x a day you can do it. So, I thought, “hey paddle boarding at 7am isn’t so bad, then I can even catch the 8am yoga sesh”. My alarm went off at 6am, sitting in a bag of rice. My drunkass last night not only dropped my phone in the toliet, but also set my alarm for 6am when paddle boarding was at 7am. I immediately caught my phone so it didn’t sustain any damage other than some screen blobs (very minor and this is my shit phone).

Hannah, Charlie, and I actually got up and made it in time for stand up paddle boarding, hung over and tired as fuck (remind you, we barely got sleep the night before after getting kicked off the bus at 3am). Our guide saw that we were hungover and struggling, so we actually only stood up for a cool 2 minutes before sitting down and paddling. It was a good thing we went really early, the water was calm, it wasn’t hot, and it was sort of relaxing (?). Once we got back, Charlie and Hannah went back to bed, I would have too but I thought, hey I’m already awake might as well do something productive. I ate some delish mango and dragonfruit to replenish myself before yoga. I chatted with Mia, the yoga teacher. We’d already spoken last night when she did the pub quiz with us, so it seemed like we were already friends.

No one else showed up for the 8am yoga sesh. She told me I get to pick what I want to do, but I told her yesterday was my first time doing yoga, so I’m not really sure of what the options are, but I would like to do some strength training. We did yoga outside, and I basically got a private yoga lesson for free. Mia is way over qualified to be teaching yoga to a bunch of party backpackers, but she saw this more as a paid vacation more than anything. She said she would be charging people a lot of money for a one-on-one yoga class, but I got mine for free (yay!). It made me feel good about myself because I was actually awake doing something productive. Mia also mentioned that she was surprised that I hadn’t done yoga before because I was very flexible, I guess it looks like I’ve been doing it for a while. Maybe I’m just that graceful (jk).

After my nice little productive morning, I went to get breakfast. They had little stations like an actual hotel buffet where you could get pho, pancakes, fruit, and eggs made for you however you’d like. Pho is my go to hangover dish back at home, so that was an obvious choice. I think I’d worked out so hard that morning that I was still hungry after one bowl, so I went back and got a second (lol). I hung out and chilled by the bar for a bit and got a smoothie. My massage was at 10am and I really couldn’t wait. I got a Bali massage (similar to a Thai massage I guess) but they never seem to be hard enough for my liking. I was so relaxed and tired that I ended up falling asleep the last 10 minutes (or longer, who knows). The lady had taken my braid out but she was so sweet she braided it back. 

So after my jam-packed morning I was so relaxed and exhausted. I immediately went back to my bunk and fell asleep. Josh woke me up at 1pm, and told me it was time for lunch. My massage ended at 11am, so I must have been sleeping for 2 hours. Lunch was so freaking good. The cook, Ganesh, cooked us a proper Indian meal, filled with different types of curry (including buffalo curry waaat) some veggies, nan and mint chutney yesssss. Everyone was so excited I think they all ate it too fast. Some had tummy aches after, but it really was that good. We went to the beach afterwards, I tried to go for a swim in the ocean, but once in I scrapped my leg on a lobster trap. The local people put sticks in the water to mark where their trap would sit. Well one of the markers didn’t sit above the water and I scrapped my leg on one. It didn’t bleed at first but then after I brought it out of the water, it started to oxidize and blood started pouring out of my cut. If you know me you know I’m hella scared of the water and what’s beneath it (mostly sharks, damn Sharks Week). So I waited in the shallows for like 5-10 minutes so my wound could get a proper cleaning.

I told one of the staff about my leg. She said I should shower first then she’d patch it up. It was bleeding a lot, a pretty deep cut, but it didn’t look like it was infected. Well that kind of ruined the rest of the time I could be in the water. I waited around until the 5pm yoga. We did some of the same stuff I did in the morning, but more core related and a bit more of strenuous poses, which was nice. Mia mentioned we should do hard stuff in the morning and more relaxing things in the evening.

For dinner we had almost like a taco bar, but it was more of a burrito bar. Ganesh told me that he and the staff handmade the whole wheat tortillas because you can’t buy them out there. It was another delicious meal, and I was really sad it was our last. After dinner, they put on I Love You, Man, the movie. They’d projected it onto the wall and it was a pretty chill night. At this point we’d learned to drink vodka and water for our drinks. Less calories, easy to drink, etc. It was an early night though, everyone was pretty exhausted. (Early means 12am haha).

Oct 21, 2017

I woke up early enough to get some good pho. We had to check out at 10am, the shuttle bus would then pick us up at 10:30am. I tried to sleep again on the bus, which was somewhat successful. We booked a bus to Dalat that would depart by 1pm. So we were dropped off at the bus station where they had a little restaurant next door. I had some bomb winter melon iced tea and spicy beef with rice.

The bus to Dalat was pretty smooth, because I mean, I slept basically the whole time. By the time we checked into our hostel it was around 5pm. The really nice reception lady said that they do a family dinner every night at 6:30 for 75K, buffet style. So we signed up for that, the people in our room said it was pretty good. We also saw that on HostelWorld (the website we always use to book our hostels) said that there’s free wine from 6-7pm. All the girls were really excited about it, and when I asked one of the nice ladies who worked there, they said yeah free wine would be from 6:30pm to 9pm. This was really good news.

Family dinner was scrumptious as fuck. They had Jerk pork, really tasty tofu, fried chicken with some garlic sauce (THE BOMB), veggies, spring rolls, and pumpkin soup that was also so so good. When they announced the free wine, we realized it was the rice wine (not that strong, not very tasty). All the girls were very disappointed, we knew it was too good to be true. But, I took shots of it anyways because I never pass down free alcohol (unless it’s beer because I don’t need that unnecessary calories or full bladder in my life ahah). 

We stayed downstairs, pregaming until they kicked us out at 11pm. We then were told to go to this place called the Maze Bar. So we walked there and realized it was a really cool looking bar (from the outside). I ordered a shot of rum (cheapest on the menu) and Liv, Sean and I went to explore. It was so dark in there and really freaking cool looking. There were so many corridors, stairs and it was really dark so we couldn’t navigate properly. We definitely got lost but it was so cool. It almost looked like a treehouse inside with fake vines, stumps and bushes, but then downstairs it looked like we were underwater with crab and squid figures along the walls. It was pretty freaking cool and even better being a little tipsy (still not a 100% drunk though, even though I drank so much of that rice wine).

The bar closed around 12, so we were forced to either go to another bar or go back to the hostel. I wanted to get food, so I went with Charlie, Hannah and Josh to find food. I told them I wanted Chao or rice porridge because I saw people eating it on the streets as we walked towards to the bar. When we stopped at the food stall where I saw people eating it, the lady screamed at us and told us no and took off the sign (not sure if it was it was closed or because we were “drunk” Westerners, but there were people eating sooo you make the call). We ended up taking a cab back because the cabs were so cheap there. When they dropped us off at the alleyway before our hostel, we realized there was a little restaurant that was service Chao (YES!!). So we ordered a bowl each. It was the girls first time eating it and they absolutely loved it. This one was the best I’d had in SE Asia overall (I’ve ordered it in every country to see if they’d compared to my Grammy’s jook, my favorite food as a child that my Grandma used to make me). While this one wasn’t as good as Grammy’s, it definitely was the best I’d had so far and I was elated. Not to mention it was only 15,000 (like less than a dollar). I went to bed extremely satisfied and happy.

Oct 22, 2017

We had to wake up really early today for our tour that was at 8:30am. I got fried eggs today (wooot eggs *eyeroll*). All of us successfully woke up and got ready by the time our tour guide picked us up. We picked the Countryside Tour, where we’d go to different sites in Dalat. Our tour guide, An or Annie, spoke really good English and it was the first time we actually had a proper tour guide that spoke good enough English who we could actually understand.

Our first stop was the cable car, that would take us across to see the whole Dalat countryside. Next we stopped at Datanla Waterfall, in order to get there we had to take a roller coaster down. Let me tell you, that shit was one of the funnest things we’ve done so far. Liv and I went in one car together, but basically it’s a little car where you can control the speed or brake when you feel like it. Well, we went first (after a big group of Asians, we thought were Malaysian, who were older and went slow), so we went really fast down curves then stop to wait for the old people go down at their leisure. I think the guy who worked there saw that we wanted to go fast, so he gave us the thumbs up or down when it was clear to go. For the last stretch we went so fast (I was in charge of the brake) and Liv got so nervous she kept telling me to brake hahah. It was definitely one of the best decsions we made. At the bottom of this roller coaster was a huge waterfall. We took some pics and left.

The next stop was the Chicken Village, a village of the indigenous tribes of that area. Annie told us the story of why it’s called the chicken village. There’s a huge chicken statue in the front of the village, with one thing special about it: one foot has 4 toes/nails, instead of 3. The tribespeople here had two villages that didn’t get along, but a girl and guy from the fueding tribes fell in love. In this culture, the girl asks the guys family to marry (instead of the other way around), they then give the guy a gift and he ends up living with her family. Well, they told her in order to marry him she needed to find a chicken with 7 toes. She went everywhere looking for a chicken with 7 toes, and ended up dying in the hills because she was exhausted and starved after endlessly searching for this chicken. The guy found her body, where he ended up dying as well, heartbroken. The villages then put their differences aside to make sure something like this would never happen again. The chicken statue is a symbol of the peace between the villages.

To many, this story reminded them of Romeo and Juliet. Me on the other hand, immediately thought of Avatar: The Last Airbender the series and the episode of the Forbidden Lovers. Oh good ol Avatar. The village itself was really small, we only stopped at a store where they showed their techniques of weaving and where you could buy a handmade gift. We didn’t spend too much time here since we were on a condensed timeline.

The next stop was the Pangou (not sure if this is the proper name) waterfall. A massive, beautiful waterfall that was absolutely breathtaking. Then it was time for lunch. We stopped at this local restaurant where Annie told us there was only one option to get served famil style for 80K. That was the wrong choice because the food was really below average for me. I wasn’t full and it was a bit pricey. After lunch it started to rain a little, and we walked to the next waterfall. In order to get there it was really slippery and I was wearing flip flops. When we finally reached the waterfall it was so wet and slippery. The water from the waterfall misted us plus the rain falling down led for a dangerous situation. We finally reached a safe (at least what I thought was safe) platform that gave a good view of the raging waterfall. I went to get a picture but before I could even walk anywhere, my flip flop suctioned onto the wood platform while I was walking and I immediately fell to the ground. Like bapped (slang for falling really hard) onto the wood platform without even catching myself or lessening the impact. I was sort of in shock but ok. I hit the ground so hard I was surprised I didn’t get a concussion or any other injury. All I got was a small cut on my elbow and my big toenail was hanging off (which hurt the most) but that was it. We decided to go back because it was a dangerous situation waiting (and kind of already) to happen. 

After getting patched up by one of the ladies at the waterfall, we went to our next stop the silk worm factory. Annie said I should stay in the van because it’s slippery out there, and I hurt my toe pretty badly. I wasn’t too upset about though because I was still trying to recover from my little fiasco. After the silk worm farm was the cricket farm where we tried crickets. It wasn’t that bad, they fried it with onion powder and lemongrass, but it wasn’t the best tasting thing I’ve had in my life.

Next and last stop was the Weasel Coffee farm. Annie gave us a little background about it, how it used to be really expensive because people would have to go find the weasel’s poop, which took a lot of labor and timing. Now that they have farms, they can harvest and feed the weasels without as much labor. The reason why it’s good coffee is because the weseal has the best nose, so they pick the best coffee bean to eat. There are 3 layers to the bean, so only the first layer is processed in the weasel’s stomach, then they clean and peel the bean. These weasels look like they’re well taken care of. Annie said that they need to be comfortable in order to eat and poo so they take them out for walks and give them space to run around. I tried one glass and it was ok, it was tasty but I’m not a big coffee fan anyways so it was hard for me to judge the taste. The best thing about this weasel farm was that they had like 15 dogs running around. They were all fucking fat!! They had this dog called Puggo (a Pug obvi) but it was so fat it looked like a big loaf of bread. They also had really big fluffers that were fat and probably well over 100 lbs.

That was our last stop, and some of the others wanted to stop at Crazy House. My lil injury was bothering me too much, so I went back to the hostel. The nice lady at the hostel told me to take a shower and she’d patch clean it up for me. She went to the pharmacy and everything and put some alcohol on it to make sure it wasn’t infected and cleaned it up. Everyone came back and got ready for dinner. The freaking lads wanted to watch their damn footie game, so we went to a random place to watch it while the girls and I tried to find cheaper food. Liv, Ida and I settled at this restaurant where I got deep fried fish yuuum. 

Back at the bar where the lads were watching their damn soccer match, I went to go order a cocktail before happy hour ended (we had like 7 minutes left). Ida and I order a Long Island Ice Tea during BOGO free. It took this dude like 10 minutes to make the drink, then the people at the bar had the audacity to tell us that happy hour was over and we’d have to pay full price for the drink. We tried to explain to them that it wasn’t our fault the guy took forever to make our drinks and that we ordered it before happy hour was over. They still weren’t allowing us to get it for happy hour price so I said fuck that, I don’t want it and left. It made me angry and so I refused to buy drinks from them for the rest of the night, I didn’t want to support them. Liv bought me a drink as my going away present haha (it was the last night I would be spending with everyone before going off on my own).

When the game was finally over we went back to the hostel where we bought bottles from the bar. We took them upstairs to the rooftop where we pregammed and spent time together. Josh, Liv and I had a moment, after all we’d been traveling together since the beginning, literally the first day we all arrived in Bangkok. Now 7 weeks later we were splitting up and I basically don’t know traveling life without them. So sad, I know, but at the end of the day we have to remember that we’re solo travelers with our own time table. I was only planning on staying in Vietnam for 3 weeks, then head to Cambodia for a week until I get to Bali to meet up with my dad. 

After all getting pretty drunk, we headed off to this pretty cool club called Rain Club, or something. They played house music, which is really not my dancing music but hey, it was my last night. Josh and Charlie left early, Josh had left his phone in the cab and he went to try to find it. Liv, Hannah and Sean left early because Liv didn’t feel well. So I was there with the lads and Ida, enjoying myself and trying to enjoy my last night (which I did). By the time we left the club it was pouring down rain. We stopped for banh mi but I didn’t want anything, I was hoping to get Chao at the food place by our hostel. When I went to go ask him for a bowl, he said no. I wasn’t sure if it was he couldn’t understand me or because they didn’t have any but I was really disappointed I couldn’t eat it.

Oct 23, 2017

Today, was the day I had to leave everyone. I woke up with 5 minutes left of breakfast, my alarm went off but it was too quiet for me to hear. I had an omelet for breakfast, woo switchin it up. Sean and I’s bus picked us up at 11:30. We were headed to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) while the others wanted to stop at Mui Ne, a beach town. After a really sad good bye, I headed onto the bus.

The ride was actually really nice. The bus company was so friendly, they gave us water bottles, had a really clean facility, told us what to do, and had wifi that actually worked! I beat my Pokemon game, and after we stopped for lunch (where I got Chao Ga) I tried to sleep. I got a nice hour of sleep before waking up to honking of horns.

Sean booked us a hostel at the Hangout, which was a pretty cool hostel. We were really hungry and I was on the prowl to find some Bo Kho or beef stew. I asked the hostel if they knew where I could find it and they recommended a place that was right down the street. A little pricey, we ordered Bo Kho and Pho. I was in heaven. It was one of the best dishes I had out here and I was elated (probably because I was so freaking hungry). After exchanging Vietnam Dong for USD, I went back to the hostel where I just chilled. I didn’t feel good, a little sickly from probably a lot of partying and not enough sleep. I wrote a little bit of my blog and hung out, but I still couldn’t sleep. My damn insomnia gets bad sometimes, but luckily I was able to fall asleep around 4am (not good for someone who’s sick).

Now, I’m on a bus to Cambodia, traveling solo. This is the first time I’ve felt like I was actually traveling solo. It’s a good thing for me though, time to spread my wings and try something different. I can’t wait for the upcoming adventures–my dad is meeting me in Bali in Nov and immediately after that I’m meeting my mom in the Philippines where she’ll spend Thanksgiving with me in her native country! It’s so special that we get to experience this together. This will be only her second time in the Philippines since she left when she was younger and I’ve told her so many times I’ve wanted to go with her. I wasn’t expecting her to actually come meet me but she spontaneously bought a ticket and now I’m so excited! So stay tuned for my time in Cambodia, Bali, and the homeland, the Philippines and the next episode of MELISSA’S SOUTHEAST ASIA BACKPACKING ADVENTURE!


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