2018 Update (Feb Edition)

Ok, ok…I know how late this is. I wrote this blog post in February & then was going to add pictures & just forgot about it. But, I still think it’s worth posting since I took some time to write it. So here it is:




February 2018

Hello, all! It’s been a minute (or a month and a half to be exact). I’m here to just update you all on my life: what’s been happening, what I’ve been doing, etc, etc (if there are any of you who are actually interested). Not like I’m that important, but I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to just enjoy life and reflect. So without further ado, let me give a little update about my life.

All of January I was able to relax: get my mind, body, and soul right. I needed to detox the high that I was on after my travels and integrate back into daily life. Some may call it “reverse culture shock” but I just call it readjusting. My dad went on a trip back to Bali (for personal reason I shall not discuss on my public blog) on Christmas, so I was in charge of taking care of the love of my life: Carl (da dawg). Carl & I spent most of our days going on long walks around Lake Merritt, going on hikes or trips to the dog park. I was able to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen since before I left.

It was a really good month, filled with rejuvenation and readjusting. I started to workout again (since I lost about 8-10lbs being abroad) and actually started to take yoga classes at my gym. My first ever yoga experience was in Vietnam, when I went to that all-inclusive backpacker paradise called Ninhvana. They had a yoga teacher on site that held yoga twice a day. I attended my first ever class the night we arrived (along with 30 other backpackers who wanted to try yoga). The next morning (after drinking all night the day before, then waking up at 7am to go paddle boarding) I decided to try yoga at 8am, even though I was ridiculously tired. Well I guess everyone partied too hard the night before as well because I was the only student. So, my first yoga experience I was able to take basically a free yoga class with just me and the teacher. It probably was the best thing that happened to me because it gave me an introductory crash course and the opportunity to really understand and try yoga without feeling judged.

So, January was filled with Carl, hikes, concerts, get together with friends and all together loving my new outlook on life. I also did a lot of job searching this month and actually scored a contract job with Gymboree on the second week of February! I’m really excited I get to work doing things I love (writing) in the industry I love (fashion). I wish I could add more exciting things but I’ve really just been enjoying being back home, surrounded by my loved ones (& Carl). But, since I’ve been back I’ve been itching to be back on the road again, traveling and exploring. At least I can day dream about my next adventure…but for now, back to reality.


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