Sept + Oct

November 22

Do I really even remember what happened these months? Well thanks to pictures taken with timestamps, I luckily do.

I want to first off say that I’ve really been lagging with these posts. One, because I don’t really think anyone reads them. Two, I don’t have that much interesting things to say. And three, I’m just lazy.

September and October are really transition months. Fall is such a huge transitional period that people get back to their regularly scheduled (boring) lives–ok, so not that boring if you know how to do it right. Summer is over, kids are going back to school, adults are trying to balance work and kids back in school and everyone is just trying to adjust and find a routine. Obviously I don’t know how to do it right since I’m bored half the time. Here’s what I did each month, I apologize in advanced for an extremely mundane blog post:


  • Labor Day Weekend–My friends and I went to Tahoe and spent the day by the Donner Lake. It was actually cold that one day we decided to go to the lake so there was really no point in going in the water. It wasn’t too exciting.
  • Concerts–I specifically went to Beyonce, SchoolboyQ, Metro Boomin & Kayne. The cool thing about fall is the peak of concert season. I can definitely break the bank for some concerts (however, the news of Kanye’s recent concerts make me happy that I saw him when I did).
  • Halloween–I didn’t do anything interesting for Halloween, but I did hang out with my Assumption buddies. We roamed around the really packed Polk St and were only there for about an hour because it was just that ridiculous.

Ok so nothing that cool happened, that’s why I was really hesitant of writing a blog, but I’m bored at work so might as well. I also have to be in a particular mood to write something funny/interesting, but I’m not in that mood so this blog post doesn’t really have that much point to it other than a personal recollection of the things that I’ve done this year so far.








June Recap

Ok ok, another boring month. Can you believe half of 2016 is already gone?! What am I doing with my life for it to go by so fast (and slow at the same time). The answer is working. Working. Working. Working. Do I try to do more than work? Yes, however it is proving to be pretty damn difficult. I have very little friends who are in the same area, I don’t really drive bc Oakland parking is ridiculous & if I get a ticket it’s usually around $80, which is also ridiculous. I’m making excuses now but June has been pretty uneventful for me and all I wanna do is go out in the world and explore and make memories and have experiences and LIVE LIFE.

Ok, I love to complain on here about working, but I shouldn’t. I’m working at a very good company (who recently has been hit with hard times, but most of the retail industry has) and I like it here. Some people don’t even get their dream jobs or what they went to school for, so I need to suck it up and work…even though it pains me so. That’s all I can talk about anyways until I get my vacation (First week of August, can you not come any faster?!).

Here’s what I did in June:

  • Cried when GSW + Sharks lost…can you believe we freaking lost?! We jinxed it yo, we lost both when we were SOOOOO CLOSE. Sharks were just not the same in the Stanley Cup as they were in the previous post season games. They lacked all of the drive that a team needs to succeed in the finals & truth be told they just were out played. GSW, do not get me started. First off, Steph was just not the same in the post season after his two injuries, that was very apparent and all the haters out there in the world can say that’s an excuse but that’s the truth. Second off, Lebron is NOT my favorite player. Yeah he does all that he can to win, but that also includes bad-mouthing the refs (which Steph & Draymond would have gotten fined for), fakes his injuries, and does all this extra shit that Michael Jordan, Kobe and other old school, legendary players would not do. Lebron has talent, but his extra-ness, flopping shenanigans is neither admirable nor credible. He has extreme favor with the NBA top officials, meaning, he makes them the most money & so of course they’re going to protect their money-making baby. To my next point–these refs sucked. Bad calls all around. How are you gonna say that you’re going to “let them play” & just decide which calls to call a foul? I don’t understand and I don’t agree with the NBA’s stupid politics. I should just quit watching professional sports because the NFL (my previous love) is letting me down with their corrupt shit, the NBA is looking like shit is fixed, and the MLB is just boring as fuck so what am I left with?! I’ll try bowling or curling next time bc there’s no way that shit is fixed.
  • Concertssss aka my favorite thing: So this month I had 3 concerts planned, but I only went to 2. The first, Smoker’s Club, is a tour with a lot of different artists that have one thing in common–they all love to rap about marijuana. Which is fine, I basically only went to see The Underachievers. The other performers were whack, and UA only played for like 5 songs bc stupid, drunk white f***boys in the crowd started to say “WEST COAST” every time UA would say “BEAST COAST” (they’re rap movement they have with other rappers from NY). White ppl always gotta ruin everything. The next concert I went to was Summer Jam! Hell yaaaaaa, it was so fun. I finally saw my love Kehlani perform but she only performed for like 3 songs. The other performers were cool but I don’t remember too much tbh. Oh yeah, I lost my phone during the concert but after I activated “Lost my iPhone mode” some nice guys contacted my friend after the concert and gave it back to me (there are still nice ppl in the world!). The last concert I was supposed to go to was Kamaiyah, a local Oakland rapper who has finally made it big in the industry. She was to perform at my favorite venue, the New Parish in Oakland! So, since this was her hometown and she just recently popped off (even tho I’ve been following her for a good minute) the line to get in the venue was LONG. Mind you I’ve been to this venue at least 5 times and I’ve never seen it this crowded. I met up with my friend Kia, who knows Kamaiyah from Elementary school, but she couldn’t even get in. After an hour of waiting in line and no signs of moving, I finally said lets go (since the venue was going to be packed to the brim anyways) and we left to go hang out with our friends at a bar. On the bright side, YG brought out Kamaiyah during Summer Jam, so I was able to see her for 2 songs that night.
  • California Primary, Presidential election mumboshmumbo: So, June 4th was the primary to pick our presidential candidate. Me being a millennial and actually educated about the world and our problems as a country, believe Bernie is the most trustworthy and qualified candidate. HOWEVER, hours before 6 states (I believe) were to vote, AP and other news outlets decided (conveniently) to declare Hilary as the presumption nominee for the democrats. Mind you, this was HOURS before a huge primary AND the democratic party did not even declare her a winner. They based it off of how many super dels pledged their vote to her (they don’t even freaking vote until July so there shouldn’t be a reason why the news outlets reported this news anyways) AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN WAIT FOR THE BIGGEST PRIMARY TO TAKE PLACE. Ugh it frustrated me so much because people who aren’t as educated about our corrupt news agencies and our election may have seen that news and were either dissuaded to vote or voted for Hillary because their vote for Bernie wouldn’t have mattered anyways. He lost California but won two other states. I’m just so disgusted with this whole political race, I can’t even be proud to be an American anymore (and I’m serious about that). Hillary is the lesser evil against Trump but is she really a good candidate to run the country?! FUCK NO. Let me just cry and wallow in my sorrows about how baby boomers fucked up and still continue to fuck up millennial’s lives and the future of our world.
  • Giant’s game: This past week, Battle of the Bay, in SF, in the suite, with my friends, and my family. Probably the last time I’ll be in the suites since my dad doesn’t have the tickets anymore 😥
  • Carl time: We’re just the bestest of friends
  • Three words–GAME OF THRONES: Ok, so this season was the first season that I actually watched the season when it premiered. I spent all last summer binge watching and getting up to date on the best series on television. Let me tell you, I LOVE GOT AND I WISH THERE WERE MORE SERIES ON TV LIKE IT AND I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR BC THIS SEASON FINALE WAS EPIC AND I ALMOST PASSED OUT BC ALL THE SHIT THAT HAPPENED AND IT’S GETTING SO GOOD OMG. Now I have to wait 10 more months until it comes back on TV again…what will I do with my life?!

That’s it thanks for reading if you actually read till the end and don’t get bored of my weird/opinionated mind.


My loves


May Flowers (Recap)

May, May, May you were quite boring. Don’t be surprised if this blog post is bleh, but I have to keep up with my month recaps so bare with me.

My general psych has been pretty bleak. I mean, all I do all day is sit in a cubical and do work, I know I complained about this last month, but it seriously it’s killing my mojo. Not to mention I don’t really have a place on my own where I can collect my thoughts and reconvene with friends or do what I want. That is the main goal right now: MOVE OUT. I have so much ambition, so many things I want to achieve and do with my life in order to be happy. I just need a vacation badly because normal life/adult life kinda sucks.

All I do is work, and my drive to be successful is more important to me than anything right now. I’m having a hard time balancing my work life with my social life and I can see it weighing on me. I definitely need to go out and do kid/young adult stuff because, I mean, this is the only time I’m going to be young, I might as well live it.

So anyways here’s what the month of may looked like:

  • BAY AREA SPORTS: May is like the pinnacle month of our sport’s teams. The Giant’s are doing very well, the A’s (I’m not sure bc I don’t follow them), the Warrior’s are in the Championships and the Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history! What a good time to be a Bay Area fan. What I’ve noticed though, the success of the Bay Area teams is in direct correlation with how well our economy is doing in this area. I’ve also noticed that the fans that attend these playoff/championship games are bandwagon millionaire fans who are the only people that can afford the tickets. Peeshaw. I saw the Giant’s game with Mom & Dad for Mother’s Day, then with my bff Karen for USF night the next night LOL.
  • CONCERTS: This looks like a theme for me. Except this time I went with my lil bro to Disclosure for some good ‘ol siblings bonding time. It was fun…RIGHT PAT!?! NOW I’VE GOT YOU IN MY SPACE, I WON’T LET GO OF YOUUUUU!
  • Applied & approved for my first credit card: I learned what my credit score was and applied for my first Chase Freedom card so I can start earning points towards a Chase Sapphire card, which I don’t want to purchase yet since I don’t spend a lot and I don’t want a card with an annual fee. Ugh, I’m adulting.
  • Quit my job @ Urban!!!!!: It was a long time comin’, but I finally pulled the plug. I was getting home around 12:30, 1am some nights and that was not helping my health and overall wellbeing at all. Retail works you like slaves for meager pay!! But…no more discount 😥 I will miss the friends I’ve made there, especially because I’ve been working there since August of 2014, but hey–you’ve gotta leave the bird’s nest one of these days.
  • Spent quality time with Carl because I’ve missed my bpfl (best pal for life). We did some fun stuff like went hiking and wrestled and ran around and chased squirrels and wabbits. Mind you, I did this stuff too.

Yep, that’s it for May….like I said BORING. Whatever, it’s summer now so hopefully I’ll get into more fun things, like summer stuff.




March Recap

March 31, 2016

Well, it’s the last day of my favorite month (when I wrote this, not when it’s published lol) & it was an actual good one. So this whole “adult” thing/life is interesting to get used to. I no longer have the stress of constant school work, which is really nice & I’m still not that used to it. I have an adult-day job & a night-teen/young adult job, so I’m getting the best of both worlds. I actually have to schedule time to hang out with friends to catch up with life, which until now I didn’t really understand why adults did that. So–moral of the story–I’m entering into the early stages of adulthood (cue the ewwwww).

Granted, I don’t want to grow up & be OLDDDD but who does (ahah). My youthfulness is precious (and makes me unique) in this world of adults and I’m having a hard time letting it go. Nonetheless it must happen and it only gets worse…just kidding. I realize that I’m at the most prime stage of my life: your 20’s can and should be the best time of your life. SO, my goal is to travel & live every moment with energy and excitement. I want to take every opportunity & just live without limits. This is the time, I need to do it now. Wow I went really off track to what I planned this blog post to be about, but whatever it’s my own personal narrative on life so I hope if you’re reading you enjoy the little romanticized dream rants I go on…

So here’s what I did this month:

  • Hung out with friends for the first time in forever. I’ve been dwelling in my cave for a while, mostly because prior to this month, I’ve worked almost 7 days a week. But now I have the weekends off, which means more time to live, which means more time to hang out with friends. Plus I have the bestiest friends, who took me out on my birthday. It’s crazy to realize who your real friends are after college…the one’s that stay in your life & make the same amount of effort you are to ketchup.
  • Spring SKIIIIIING with my close homie, Nick! It was our second time this season going up for a day trip. We went to Squaw which was cool, but it was so freaking hot and crowded. Spring skiing is alright but never ideal.
  • My beautiful cousin, Margo GOT MARRIED! So cute that the wedding planner, who’s planned over 100 weddings, got married at the venue where she plans other people’s weddings. Up in the Santa Cruz mountains, it poured heavily that day, so that meant a lot of mud & umbrellas galore. But hey, that means good luck right?
  • It was my birthdaaaaay! Me and my boyfriend hung out in the city and my brother was back for Spring break so we were able to have a family dinner. Other than that my bday was very uneventful LOL (psh, bc who cares about turning 23).
  • Warriors games & concerts are always fun to attend. Little Simz, a female rapper from the UK, had her first tour in America (& btw she’s amazing).
  • Celebrated 8 years with the biggest pain in the world (just kidding).
  • GAPDATE, I wrote the Summer In Store Magazine this month. This process was a lot different than the other. For Spring, the magazine was basically a rough draft that I had to edit, create titles for and write in the “Gap” voice. However, this time I actually wrote the whole thing. We had a meeting where we all decided how the magazine was going to read from front page to back based off of the pictures from the shoot and the flow of products going each month. After the pagination/idea meeting, I then had to write from scratch the whole 30 page magazine. Based only off of merchant notes and pictures, I was able to craft this magazine that I am super excited about! I will post a video when it is finally published but I can’t wait to show y’all what I’ve been working on.

Yep, so that’s is so far of what my month consisted of. I’m really excited for this year and can’t wait for what’s to come!




It was super muddy out, so the bride came prepared!


My breakfast brunch, accompanied by spiked tea.



Spent the majority of my birthday in Japantown



Me & Karen caught up at Cholita Linda, and then went to an art show that was way too hipster [:


I’ve always wanted to be a powerpuff girl.


My frans Jessica & Bekah dragging me out of my cave for once.


Spring Feverrrrr

Spring, spring…why I fucking love you. If you can’t tell spring is my favorite season. The temperature is perfect—there are warm days, rainy days, stormy days, beautiful days—the flowers bloom, the birds chirp, and days get longer, I could go on and on. The most amazing thing about this season is how beautiful nature becomes. The hibernating animals come out with their babies, plants and trees bloom bright, vibrant colors, the sun shines with a purpose, and the air feels so much more crisp & fresh.

I sound like a corny sap, but I love spring. The vibe and appreciation I feel from the visible new life uplifts my mood and gives me (literally) life.

I’ve always loved spring, maybe because I have a huge appreciation for nature, but also because it means my birthday is coming up! March 14th y’all, don’t forget. Funny, I was supposed to be born on the first day of spring, March 21, but I was born a little early.

Anyways–an update about my life: I am doing well at Gap, my mentor is trying to help me hopefully get full-time! That is such great news, knowing that I have someone who believes in me and wants to see me succeed. Yesterday we went to the Livermore outlets to do a store visit. Here, we went to an actual Gap Factory store where we see all of our hard work actually transcribed to real life. It’s amazing to see the projects I’ve worked on become actual in-store signage. After, we walked around the mall, getting inspiration from other stores & promotion. After that I went to San Ramon to look after my baby, Carl. He’s been sick all week and finally yesterday, he actually began eating like normal. He hated when I took all these pictures with him, but wtv I’m obsessed with pink cherry blossoms (my favorite part of the season, so sad it only lasts a few weeks).


Spring is also a fav because I’m obsessed with spring fashion. Lighter layers, pastel colors, & FLORAL PRINTS! I’ve been super obsessed with baby pink & floral prints lately. My wardrobe mostly consists of black, but when it’s spring I love to incorporate a bright baby pink bomber or a new bold floral jacket over my all black outfit. I’ve also been really diggin Asian silhouettes and prints. I mean, I am Asian, why not take full advantage of my heritage & express the love of my culture through my clothing. That’s what fashion is about, expressing who you really are through your clothes. Take a look of my current obsessions and outfit choices.

Super (Freaking-Whack) City


My mom is awesome.

So the SuperBowl was this weekend, or whatever. The NFL is disgusting me more and more with this so-called sport. Just another conglomerated corporation judged to rule (more like interrupt) people’s daily lives for the parading week-long celebration. This week and a half of constant Super “whatever” ended with a not-so climatic game of defense & endless punts. The halftime show was cool though, shoutout to Coldplay for making it about love (& support to the LGBT community) and Bey & Bruno making it about Black Lives Matter–you can read about the halftime show “secret meaning” here.

Where am I going with this? Well first, San Francisco (and most of the Bay Area) has been in total preparation “SuperBowl frenzy” than it ever has in my lifetime–I’m sure when the Niner’s were actually good during the golden days it was more lively. This means, Bart is more crowded, the streets are impossible to maneuver, tons of security (who weren’t allowing me to bring my skateboard), and people are total freaking idiots (and RUDE AF). Not to mention that all of this festivities are costing the city $5 million dollars, which only $100,000 will be reimbursed by the NFL, who until last year did not have to pay taxes on their $12 billion dollar net profit (I will post a video down below about this issue if you want more information on it). Not only did it interrupted my work schedule, it affected my commute time and my overall mood.

But enough complaining, there are some good things that came out of San Francisco hosting the SuperBowl. One, you could actually partake in the festivities, which is probably once (or twice) in a lifetime–if you were brave. Two, there were a lot of extra stuff around the city that was happening because of the SuperBowl–i.e. the Alicia Key’s free concert, Metallica concert, LOTS of club appearances by different celebrities wanting to take apart of the 50th SuperBowl, and…well basically…a lot of parties. I should have participated in some of those parties, but on account of time & money and having my personal bubble popped, I opted out.

But…I caved..

Despite my obvious objections to the SuperBowl I did partake in some of the festivities. My mom and I went to SuperCity on the Thursday before the SuperBowl. We literally walked in and walked out because it was so crowded (& probably not even that interesting). The main reason I wanted to take a look on Thursday was because of the Puppy Bowl! I remember watching the first ever Puppy Bowl 12 years ago–one because I’m an animal freak, and two because I was obsessed with Animal Planet & that was the only channel I used to watch, but now it sucks & I’ve changed my viewership obsession to NatGeo Wild where I watch nature shows & the Dog Whisperer. Other than that, we didn’t do anything SuperCity related & ended up going to Gap’s Spring Launch for their new Spring collection (and we got to shop 50% off). There was music and drinks and a Photo Booth, it was just cool to take part in a Gap-related event, I feel so special.

Another “SuperBowl” event that I happened to witness was the amazing firework display on Friday night. My friend wanted to meet at an Alameda spot we call “The Dino’s” to hang out. Little did we know, 15 minutes later the fireworks would go off & we had the perfect view. Two sets of fireworks were going off in sync, one seemed to be by ATT Park and the other was by Treasure Island. It was so cool because in between the two sets of fireworks was the lit up Bay Bridge. *Falls in love with the Bay Area more & more*.

Finally, after everyone was going to clubs & watching performers like Pharell, I decided to partake in the events that the SuperBowl brought to the Bay Area…and that was SuperCity EDM festival at the Coliseum. I went with my besties and we had a really good time. Funny that it was going on the same time the Warriors were playing at Oracle, which my mom happened to be attending as well. So I met up with her after the game and we walked home together.

So in short…

While I had some obvious objections to the SuperBowl, it ended up being not that bad. I saw my friends, hung out with my mom, lived my childhood dream and saw the Puppy Bowl in real life, and ended it with anti-climatic SuperBowl *whan whan whaaaaaan*. But whatever, let’s be real, Marshawn Lynch was the real winner of this season. Read his article here.

Here some pics of my festivities:


The Trio, MVM, Wolfpack REUNITE



MW^2 (that is em double-you squared)

*One more note:

I will be posting more than just my daily life on the blog now. I have decided I just have so many thoughts and so many opinions. With that said…I will be “launching” something other than “A Day in the Life…”. I haven’t quite brainstormed everything, but I want it to be more than just what’s going on in my daily life. I want it to be centered in what’s going on in my head. I also want my blog to be something more than just “oh this is what I’m doing and read it if you want”. I want my blog to be compelling, though-provoking, interesting, and of some value to readers. When I decide what this idea will be I’ll make an official “launch”.


Below is the video I was talking about if you were interested:

San Francisco Super Bowl's Super Bill

Is Super Bowl 50 screwing San Francisco?

Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Well, well, well…it’s been a while since I’ve last posted on my blog…about two months to be exact. I really haven’t had a lot of downtime, since most of it has been working, doing chores, or being busy. Let me break down the last few months since I’ve been MIA.

The month of September and October–

These months were spent re-adjusting to life back in America. This meant FINDING A JOB. My parents were really pushing me to find a full-time job, and made sure to drill it in my head that this was my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. As I traveled from San Ramon to Oakland to the City, I didn’t particularly stay in one place. I got my job back at Urban Outfitters while I looked for a “real job”. This task was daunting, because who really knows what they want to do in life? My parents told me to just find any job that pays well, but I knew that I wanted a job that spoke to my passion, and this passion was fashion. After all, most of my job experience has been in fashion, not to mention I had just came back from a fashion internship in London.

So, I spent my off days applying to as many jobs as I could. Craigslist, Indeed, LookSharp, InternMatch were my most visited sites. I could crank out a job application in 10 minutes or less. It’s what I did on my downtime and I actually enjoyed it. I had a lot of job interviews, one was for a scam “marketing” agency–where they apparently do direct marketing for top companies like the Oakland A’s, Sacramento Kings, the Peppermill in Reno and other notable agencies. They invited me for a day of shadowing, where I observe a team lead on the field. Well, yeah it turned out to be a door-to-door sales company (but in this case they went from business-to-business) and sold to the employees, which is kind of illegal. They failed to mention what we’d be doing in the interview and failed to mention that it’s a SALES job. So that was a bust. I also had an interview at for a Social Media Coordinator–which I really wanted since I love the web store and the job position, but they ended up moving the position down to their LA office.

I adopted a recruiter from the company FourthFloorFashion, a recruiting agency for specifically fashion jobs. This was amazing, they would send me job openings from Levi’s and Gap, to see if any of them were a potential match. Of course, I said yes to all of them since I just want to WORK. Finally, the last week of October, I had an interview with Gap, for the position of copywriter. It was a contract job, part-time, and only for 3 months. Although my parents said that I should find a full-time job with benefits, I went for it anyway. The interviewer was so nice and it seemed more like a conversation than an actual interview, which was a lot less stressful than the other job interviews that I went to. (Not to mention I get very nervous in interviews and I am terrible at on-the-spot type questions).

After the interview, they gave me a “copywriter test” to see if I could actually perform the job. The next week, they called me in last minute (on Thursday) to come in that Friday to speak with the managers and creative directors of that department. I quickly had to find someone to cover my shift and went in for a second interview. This interview was a little more intimidating, since I was speaking to two managers. However, since this is a position I really felt like I could excel in, the answers to their questions felt very natural and were so fluid compared to my past interviews. I spoke from my passion and my heart. The next week I got a call from my recruiter officially offering me the position and explaining that I would be starting next week.

So, here I am, my second week at Gap Inc. I am “officially” the new Junior Copywriter for Gap Factory, and I couldn’t be more excited. My first week (which was last week) was very calm and chill. I’ll be working for Gap and Urban simultaneously, since Gap is only part-time (20 hours a week). Alex, the main copywriter for Gap Factory, is my mentor and one of the sweetest people I’ve met. She is so understanding, compassionate, talented and helpful in guiding me in the right direction. She makes it a point to introduce me to everyone to make me feel included, while making the process clear, concise and easy for me to transition into a REAL JOB. I couldn’t be more appreciative, excited and motivated to start the newest chapter in my life. This is everything I’ve wanted and more: a position I feel comfortable with in an industry I am passionate about.

YAY for the future! I can’t wait to see what it has in-store.


Treasure Island Flea Market w/ My Favorites



This weekend I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market with my mom, my puppy, and my boyfriend. These are by far my favorite people and it’s nice to spend some quality time with them. If you haven’t been to the Treasure Island Flea Market, I suggest you go! There are tons of food trucks and vendors selling the coolest stuff. And for you dog lovers, it’s dog-friendly! Plus, this was my first time on Treasure Island where I actually did things other than take pictures (even tho I did that too). The Flea Market is the last weekend of every month and can get quite crowded so get there early!

DSC_1096 DSC_1095

I’m in love with guys clothes, I always have been. I’m that girl that you’ll see shop in the guy’s section or stealing my brother’s and boyfriend’s clothes. There is something about guys clothes that I enjoy. I like the way it fits and makes me feel. This outfit consists of my brother’s sweatshirt, that’s now mine, and some pants I got from Urban for $6 (gotta love that Employee Discount). Along with some Superga shoes and a thrifted purse.


  • 10 Deep Nightfall Hoody
  • Silence + Noise Loose Trousers (from UO)
  • Superga Leahorsew (find them here)
  • Thrifted Purse

The Amazing Travis Mocker Took My Grad Photos


These amazing pictures were taken by the talented Travis Mocker (@therealquietplanet). A homie since forever, he somehow managed to make my annoying, non-model ass look good in a picture (for once). I’ve never had a photographer take pictures of me but his professionalism along with fuckin chill ass vibes didn’t even make it seem like he was snappin flicks of me. If anyone is looking to get good portraits done, I would suggest hitting him up and checking out his IG for a better idea of his work.

IMG_4001 IMG_4007 IMG_4019 IMG_4075 IMG_4046