Sept + Oct

November 22

Do I really even remember what happened these months? Well thanks to pictures taken with timestamps, I luckily do.

I want to first off say that I’ve really been lagging with these posts. One, because I don’t really think anyone reads them. Two, I don’t have that much interesting things to say. And three, I’m just lazy.

September and October are really transition months. Fall is such a huge transitional period that people get back to their regularly scheduled (boring) lives–ok, so not that boring if you know how to do it right. Summer is over, kids are going back to school, adults are trying to balance work and kids back in school and everyone is just trying to adjust and find a routine. Obviously I don’t know how to do it right since I’m bored half the time. Here’s what I did each month, I apologize in advanced for an extremely mundane blog post:


  • Labor Day Weekend–My friends and I went to Tahoe and spent the day by the Donner Lake. It was actually cold that one day we decided to go to the lake so there was really no point in going in the water. It wasn’t too exciting.
  • Concerts–I specifically went to Beyonce, SchoolboyQ, Metro Boomin & Kayne. The cool thing about fall is the peak of concert season. I can definitely break the bank for some concerts (however, the news of Kanye’s recent concerts make me happy that I saw him when I did).
  • Halloween–I didn’t do anything interesting for Halloween, but I did hang out with my Assumption buddies. We roamed around the really packed Polk St and were only there for about an hour because it was just that ridiculous.

Ok so nothing that cool happened, that’s why I was really hesitant of writing a blog, but I’m bored at work so might as well. I also have to be in a particular mood to write something funny/interesting, but I’m not in that mood so this blog post doesn’t really have that much point to it other than a personal recollection of the things that I’ve done this year so far.