Sept + Oct

November 22

Do I really even remember what happened these months? Well thanks to pictures taken with timestamps, I luckily do.

I want to first off say that I’ve really been lagging with these posts. One, because I don’t really think anyone reads them. Two, I don’t have that much interesting things to say. And three, I’m just lazy.

September and October are really transition months. Fall is such a huge transitional period that people get back to their regularly scheduled (boring) lives–ok, so not that boring if you know how to do it right. Summer is over, kids are going back to school, adults are trying to balance work and kids back in school and everyone is just trying to adjust and find a routine. Obviously I don’t know how to do it right since I’m bored half the time. Here’s what I did each month, I apologize in advanced for an extremely mundane blog post:


  • Labor Day Weekend–My friends and I went to Tahoe and spent the day by the Donner Lake. It was actually cold that one day we decided to go to the lake so there was really no point in going in the water. It wasn’t too exciting.
  • Concerts–I specifically went to Beyonce, SchoolboyQ, Metro Boomin & Kayne. The cool thing about fall is the peak of concert season. I can definitely break the bank for some concerts (however, the news of Kanye’s recent concerts make me happy that I saw him when I did).
  • Halloween–I didn’t do anything interesting for Halloween, but I did hang out with my Assumption buddies. We roamed around the really packed Polk St and were only there for about an hour because it was just that ridiculous.

Ok so nothing that cool happened, that’s why I was really hesitant of writing a blog, but I’m bored at work so might as well. I also have to be in a particular mood to write something funny/interesting, but I’m not in that mood so this blog post doesn’t really have that much point to it other than a personal recollection of the things that I’ve done this year so far.








August Recap (AKA HAWAII TRIP!)

September 8, 2016

So, this is so late. I’ve been lagging on blog posts because I’m mostly lazy. Also, I don’t really see the point of posting anymore since I don’t have anything profound or groundbreaking to say. Most of the time I just ramble about what’s going on in my life, I feel like that’s really the only thing I can talk about. Plus, this summer my life wasn’t too interesting. I think that was due to the fact that most of my friends have a significant other and decided to do things with them this year (and on account of I barely have any friends).

I’m trying to figure out what else I can write on my blog. But, I don’t really take enough photos (because I have a 16G phone that can barely hold anything) and I don’t do much throughout the week so what would I really be taking pictures of in the first place.

This blog was first designed to be a blog for my fashion outfit/choices, then travel blog, but now it’s shifted to just a mundane, whatever, once-a-month blog that doesn’t really give anything to the world. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to really say how I feel (you know how that shit catches up to you these days) that I don’t decide to dig deeper into certain topics. Maybe it’s because of over saturation on what I already post on various social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), that another social media channel is just something else to worry about. Or maybe it’s just really that my life is that boring I don’t have a lot to talk about.

Now I’m getting redundant, but the point is I need to start deciding how to make this blog better. Whether that’s putting more thought into it or talking about issues that matter and that I believe in. Whatever it is, I’m going to think deeply about how I can improve it.


SO–now on to what I did this month.

I’d say I was a lot more productive this month than the whole summer, but that’s due to the fact that I WENT TO HAWAII!! That’s basically the highlight of the month so we’ll just talk about that.

This year, I went with my boyfriend’s family, the Reyes’. There were a total of 18 of us in all. My boyfriend is 1 of 5 kids, his dad has 2 brothers, one who has 3 kids and the other who has twins and the grandparents joined us. So there was an equal number of 9 kids to 9 adults (because we count as adults now WEIRD).

We stayed in Kailua, on the West side of Oahu. This was my first time not staying in Honolulu on the island of Oahu, and let me tell you it was AMAZING. Such a better pace of life. The beaches–Lanikai + Kailua– were one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to. The family rented an entire house that had a pool, lanai, hot tub and yard we got to hang out in.

Some of the activities included–

  • Boogieboarding
  • Snorkeling
  • Eating (LOTS OF FOOD)
  • Macadamia nut sauce over banana pancakes
  • Loco mocos
  • Roaming around the flea market with a young coconut
  • Lots and lots of shaved ice
  • Garlic shrimp trucks on the North Side
  • Sunrise hikes
  • Early morning swims
  • andddd so much more!!!

I love the mindset and pace of Hawaii. The fauna and culture make me appreciate places like that still exist. I hope Hawaiians can maintain their rich and beautiful culture, despite the cruel intentions of the United States and influx of Haole’s entering their country.


I’m in the land of Spam!!!


Lanikai is famous for the 2 islands of the shore (it might even mean the two islands) you can see one to the left. This beach was also popular for the local boat teams


Some of the crew (minus that white guy to the right, he just didn’t wanna get out of the picture)


This hike was called the “Pillbox Hike” and had a great view of Kailua. This was our Sunrise hike





All I wanted to eat while I was there was a Loco Moco, it took me until the second to last day to find it (because we didn’t really eat at any Hawaiian spots before that).

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Me and my boyfriend atop of Diamond Peak. 

June Recap

Ok ok, another boring month. Can you believe half of 2016 is already gone?! What am I doing with my life for it to go by so fast (and slow at the same time). The answer is working. Working. Working. Working. Do I try to do more than work? Yes, however it is proving to be pretty damn difficult. I have very little friends who are in the same area, I don’t really drive bc Oakland parking is ridiculous & if I get a ticket it’s usually around $80, which is also ridiculous. I’m making excuses now but June has been pretty uneventful for me and all I wanna do is go out in the world and explore and make memories and have experiences and LIVE LIFE.

Ok, I love to complain on here about working, but I shouldn’t. I’m working at a very good company (who recently has been hit with hard times, but most of the retail industry has) and I like it here. Some people don’t even get their dream jobs or what they went to school for, so I need to suck it up and work…even though it pains me so. That’s all I can talk about anyways until I get my vacation (First week of August, can you not come any faster?!).

Here’s what I did in June:

  • Cried when GSW + Sharks lost…can you believe we freaking lost?! We jinxed it yo, we lost both when we were SOOOOO CLOSE. Sharks were just not the same in the Stanley Cup as they were in the previous post season games. They lacked all of the drive that a team needs to succeed in the finals & truth be told they just were out played. GSW, do not get me started. First off, Steph was just not the same in the post season after his two injuries, that was very apparent and all the haters out there in the world can say that’s an excuse but that’s the truth. Second off, Lebron is NOT my favorite player. Yeah he does all that he can to win, but that also includes bad-mouthing the refs (which Steph & Draymond would have gotten fined for), fakes his injuries, and does all this extra shit that Michael Jordan, Kobe and other old school, legendary players would not do. Lebron has talent, but his extra-ness, flopping shenanigans is neither admirable nor credible. He has extreme favor with the NBA top officials, meaning, he makes them the most money & so of course they’re going to protect their money-making baby. To my next point–these refs sucked. Bad calls all around. How are you gonna say that you’re going to “let them play” & just decide which calls to call a foul? I don’t understand and I don’t agree with the NBA’s stupid politics. I should just quit watching professional sports because the NFL (my previous love) is letting me down with their corrupt shit, the NBA is looking like shit is fixed, and the MLB is just boring as fuck so what am I left with?! I’ll try bowling or curling next time bc there’s no way that shit is fixed.
  • Concertssss aka my favorite thing: So this month I had 3 concerts planned, but I only went to 2. The first, Smoker’s Club, is a tour with a lot of different artists that have one thing in common–they all love to rap about marijuana. Which is fine, I basically only went to see The Underachievers. The other performers were whack, and UA only played for like 5 songs bc stupid, drunk white f***boys in the crowd started to say “WEST COAST” every time UA would say “BEAST COAST” (they’re rap movement they have with other rappers from NY). White ppl always gotta ruin everything. The next concert I went to was Summer Jam! Hell yaaaaaa, it was so fun. I finally saw my love Kehlani perform but she only performed for like 3 songs. The other performers were cool but I don’t remember too much tbh. Oh yeah, I lost my phone during the concert but after I activated “Lost my iPhone mode” some nice guys contacted my friend after the concert and gave it back to me (there are still nice ppl in the world!). The last concert I was supposed to go to was Kamaiyah, a local Oakland rapper who has finally made it big in the industry. She was to perform at my favorite venue, the New Parish in Oakland! So, since this was her hometown and she just recently popped off (even tho I’ve been following her for a good minute) the line to get in the venue was LONG. Mind you I’ve been to this venue at least 5 times and I’ve never seen it this crowded. I met up with my friend Kia, who knows Kamaiyah from Elementary school, but she couldn’t even get in. After an hour of waiting in line and no signs of moving, I finally said lets go (since the venue was going to be packed to the brim anyways) and we left to go hang out with our friends at a bar. On the bright side, YG brought out Kamaiyah during Summer Jam, so I was able to see her for 2 songs that night.
  • California Primary, Presidential election mumboshmumbo: So, June 4th was the primary to pick our presidential candidate. Me being a millennial and actually educated about the world and our problems as a country, believe Bernie is the most trustworthy and qualified candidate. HOWEVER, hours before 6 states (I believe) were to vote, AP and other news outlets decided (conveniently) to declare Hilary as the presumption nominee for the democrats. Mind you, this was HOURS before a huge primary AND the democratic party did not even declare her a winner. They based it off of how many super dels pledged their vote to her (they don’t even freaking vote until July so there shouldn’t be a reason why the news outlets reported this news anyways) AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN WAIT FOR THE BIGGEST PRIMARY TO TAKE PLACE. Ugh it frustrated me so much because people who aren’t as educated about our corrupt news agencies and our election may have seen that news and were either dissuaded to vote or voted for Hillary because their vote for Bernie wouldn’t have mattered anyways. He lost California but won two other states. I’m just so disgusted with this whole political race, I can’t even be proud to be an American anymore (and I’m serious about that). Hillary is the lesser evil against Trump but is she really a good candidate to run the country?! FUCK NO. Let me just cry and wallow in my sorrows about how baby boomers fucked up and still continue to fuck up millennial’s lives and the future of our world.
  • Giant’s game: This past week, Battle of the Bay, in SF, in the suite, with my friends, and my family. Probably the last time I’ll be in the suites since my dad doesn’t have the tickets anymore 😥
  • Carl time: We’re just the bestest of friends
  • Three words–GAME OF THRONES: Ok, so this season was the first season that I actually watched the season when it premiered. I spent all last summer binge watching and getting up to date on the best series on television. Let me tell you, I LOVE GOT AND I WISH THERE WERE MORE SERIES ON TV LIKE IT AND I CAN’T WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR BC THIS SEASON FINALE WAS EPIC AND I ALMOST PASSED OUT BC ALL THE SHIT THAT HAPPENED AND IT’S GETTING SO GOOD OMG. Now I have to wait 10 more months until it comes back on TV again…what will I do with my life?!

That’s it thanks for reading if you actually read till the end and don’t get bored of my weird/opinionated mind.


My loves


May Flowers (Recap)

May, May, May you were quite boring. Don’t be surprised if this blog post is bleh, but I have to keep up with my month recaps so bare with me.

My general psych has been pretty bleak. I mean, all I do all day is sit in a cubical and do work, I know I complained about this last month, but it seriously it’s killing my mojo. Not to mention I don’t really have a place on my own where I can collect my thoughts and reconvene with friends or do what I want. That is the main goal right now: MOVE OUT. I have so much ambition, so many things I want to achieve and do with my life in order to be happy. I just need a vacation badly because normal life/adult life kinda sucks.

All I do is work, and my drive to be successful is more important to me than anything right now. I’m having a hard time balancing my work life with my social life and I can see it weighing on me. I definitely need to go out and do kid/young adult stuff because, I mean, this is the only time I’m going to be young, I might as well live it.

So anyways here’s what the month of may looked like:

  • BAY AREA SPORTS: May is like the pinnacle month of our sport’s teams. The Giant’s are doing very well, the A’s (I’m not sure bc I don’t follow them), the Warrior’s are in the Championships and the Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history! What a good time to be a Bay Area fan. What I’ve noticed though, the success of the Bay Area teams is in direct correlation with how well our economy is doing in this area. I’ve also noticed that the fans that attend these playoff/championship games are bandwagon millionaire fans who are the only people that can afford the tickets. Peeshaw. I saw the Giant’s game with Mom & Dad for Mother’s Day, then with my bff Karen for USF night the next night LOL.
  • CONCERTS: This looks like a theme for me. Except this time I went with my lil bro to Disclosure for some good ‘ol siblings bonding time. It was fun…RIGHT PAT!?! NOW I’VE GOT YOU IN MY SPACE, I WON’T LET GO OF YOUUUUU!
  • Applied & approved for my first credit card: I learned what my credit score was and applied for my first Chase Freedom card so I can start earning points towards a Chase Sapphire card, which I don’t want to purchase yet since I don’t spend a lot and I don’t want a card with an annual fee. Ugh, I’m adulting.
  • Quit my job @ Urban!!!!!: It was a long time comin’, but I finally pulled the plug. I was getting home around 12:30, 1am some nights and that was not helping my health and overall wellbeing at all. Retail works you like slaves for meager pay!! But…no more discount 😥 I will miss the friends I’ve made there, especially because I’ve been working there since August of 2014, but hey–you’ve gotta leave the bird’s nest one of these days.
  • Spent quality time with Carl because I’ve missed my bpfl (best pal for life). We did some fun stuff like went hiking and wrestled and ran around and chased squirrels and wabbits. Mind you, I did this stuff too.

Yep, that’s it for May….like I said BORING. Whatever, it’s summer now so hopefully I’ll get into more fun things, like summer stuff.




April Showers (Recap)

May 3, 2016

So last month was April, and it was pretty blehhh. I mean I did some fun stuff but at the same time, I’m realizing how mundane work/adult life really is. A 9 to 5, is that really how I want to live my life for the next 40 years?!? How do you adults do this? My little “Adult Odyssey” is giving me a real dose of reality and putting into question if I actually want to live my life like this.

This might be one of the reasons why work culture is changing. There is a huge shift from a strict work life to a work/life balance lifestyle. I can see why now companies are changing the way they view the relationship between work/life & how there needs to a be a happy medium to cultivate happiness & productivity. While Gap doesn’t have much of the perks that, say, huge Tech companies like Google, Facebook or even LinkedIn have, they still have a very laid back view on work culture–which is amazing.

I constantly have to pinch myself realizing how lucky I am to get such an awesome job. There are a lot of recent graduates that don’t even get a first job of their choice let alone a job they went to school for. The things that I’m doing now are creating better opportunities for me in the future, and I’m just so blessed.

Anyways, last month’s recap worked for me, so I will bullet away to what I did this month:

  • VISITED MY BRADDA IN CHICO FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. He actually wanted to see and hang out with me, what a difference! I met his chill roomies and his chill friends and we went out for a few nights. It was Caesar Chavez weekend, so I guess a lot of parties were happening. He took me to Bear Hole (?) on Saturday, where we went swimming and hung out and looked at nature and hung out. He took me to his favorite places to eat and his favorite bars. Overall it was a great weekend, and I very much approve of his quaint little college town.
  • Went to NYC to see family. My mom & brother went to NY to celebrate my cousin’s First Communion. They live in NJ and we went to spend time with family we rarely see. It was a nice little getaway and I’m very glad I got to see family.
  • The Bay Area has the best sports teams. Warriors are in the playoffs (obviously) & it’s an even year for the Giant’s, the Sharks are (also) in the playoffs, lets just say it’s a good year to be a Bay Area fan. I was lucky enough to see the Warriors play in the playoffs against a team that is irrelevant (Houston Rockets). I also saw the Giant’s in their opening week. I love attending sports games–you can thank my fanatic parents.
  • I SAW MY FAVORITE GROUP IN CONCERT: Flatbush Zombies, oh how I love you. They are my favorite rap group, favorite performers, and overall exceed the sound, performance, and passion expectations I hold for artists and music in general. I think I just relate to their sound & what they stand for, and their concert was just amazing. Congrats guys, I can’t believe I’ve been following you since your first song made its way into the underground rap scene, & now you’re touring nationally & internationally on your first debut album…nothing but love.
  • The physical copies of Gap Factory’s Summer In Store Magazine came in! This is the project I was most excited to see. Like I said earlier, I basically wrote everything in this magazine, with the help of my mentor. I have such a good time writing it and I can’t wait till it’s time to work on the fall in store magazine project.
  • I moved desks, from my where my team (the creative team) works to an area by the marketing team. I’m where everyone can see me, all the time, right by the kitchen. The lady’s desk I was sitting at before just came back from her 6 month maternity leave, and now I have to move since that’s her desk. There are pro’s and con’s to this desk: the con’s are that it’s right near the kitchen so I hear everyone, people walk by my desk all the time because it’s also right by the stairs, it’s in the front so people can see what I’m doing, and I’m away from the team I’ve become so close to. The pro’s are, I’m right by the kitchen so I don’t have to walk that far to refill my water or heat up my food, and I’m by a whole other marketing team who I get to become close to & learn from. I always have to see the light in situations, I’m just not very good at it 😛

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have a more interesting month in May!


The boys at Bear Hole, Chico

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Time Square, New York, New York @ 2am in the morning


My beautiful family in New Jersey!